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  • Thx Hughes. Will do.
  • MR60

    @Kay, dunno. Maybe a dev could answer you (probably better to ask the qiestion on support forum)

    ArduPilot Open Source Autopilot
    The most advanced open source autopilot for use by both professionals and hobbyist. Supports multi-copters, planes, rovers, boats, helicopters, ante…
  • @hughes
    As I understand that now the old apm is no longer supported by the tracker software.
    Is there a chance to get it ported to the pixracer board?
    That would save some bucks.
  • MR60

    @Pritam, thx.

    @Francisco, thx. Is there a place to post videos or blogs on the forum ? I 'll go check.

  • I wish my brother's dogs were that quiet! They just won't stop barking while they can see it!

    Great video, you should post it in the ArduPilot forum, it is an excellent candidate to be in our new homepage.

  • Nice video, explains a lot in a short time.

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