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  • Developer

    René Jean:

    In order to change the refresh rate, you need to flash them. The simonK firmware is great. Give it a shot!

  • Cliff-E:

    I have the 30amp HK blue series escs on my quad and have been debating on flashing them with simonK.  So what you're saying is if I put them at 16khz (instead of 8khz default), I will get the fast refresh and response without flashing them?  Thanks, kind of new to this, but loving it!

  • Developer

    I got mine too, nice professional grade tool for $20!  

    Contacts pins with sharp star tips, You must hold against AT328 for entire programming cycle.

    I added a mark to align tool with reference dot on AT328 chip.

  • Developer

    I got the adapter tool yesterday, and I highly recommend getting one.

    Flashed six of my spare ESC's in less time then it would normally take to program just one of them.

    It literally takes a minute to flash a ESC now, including removal of heat shrink tube and applying a new on when you are done programming.

  • I was reading about this over at HK, and they seem to be having trouble with the redbrick, but the blue/mystery is not problem, nor is the HK SS non programmable, although Im sure the programmable would work as well. 

    I was wondering a few things though.....I just bought the Blue series, but in the past Ive used the the SS non-program. since there only 5.99 It's a damn good deal....especially with optimal firmware. But it still is not going to be up to par with a blue series with the same programming right? and could you actually mix the 2 on a quad?

    Also With the blue series you can use the programming card......There wouldn't really be any point if they were flashed would there?

  • Well theres always the possibility of bricking. Usually it happens when the contacts slip off, or the program is interupted...but for the most part as long as you always make sure that everything is secure and working you should be fine. Just do a couple dry runs (without the ESC) before hand.

  • Thanks guys, I'll look into it.

    Is there any real possibility of bricking these things, as long as I'm using the right firmware?

  • Developer

    R_Lefebvre: If you just want to flash the SimonK firmware, there is a nice how-to here.

  • I got this programmer:

    I'm running windows, and hope I don't need to use any command line nastiness.

  • Moderator

    R_, here's some notes on how I use my AVR programmer.

    HobbyKing KKBoard Notes
    For $25, I couldn't resist getting one of the Hobby King V2 KKBoards . The minimalist elegance of  3 gyros, 3 pots,  and 4K of AVR Assembl...
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