AUAV-X1 test results. Guys, are you ready to fly?


Hi guys,

Most of the AUAV-X1 tests passed just fine. The tests were so many, therefore I represent the most important ones.

For the moment the W25Q80 NAND Flash driver is not yet tested, that's why we use FM25V02 FRAM on board instead.


For the moment AUAV-X1 works with either ST IMU set ( L3GD20H + LSM303D ) or Invensense IMU ( MPU6000 ) + external magnetometer HMC5883L. Real flight tests ahead.

What I can say after all tests done:

1. AUAV-X1 is fully functional as expected with either ST IMU or Invensense IMU;

2. AUAV-X1 is compatible with PIXHAWK firmware and works just fine with QGC;

3. The microIMU board must be redesigned to have ST + Invensense combo onboard. Stacking ST IMU and MPU6000 IMU impossible;

4. A case has been designed and some vibration tests have to be performed;

5. Real flight tests ahead when the rain stops. The Balkans are floaded;

6. W25Q80 NAND Flash driver has to be tested.

We started fulfilling the preorders with ST IMU.

Many thanks to Lorenz for his support during all the tests.

Thank you Lorenz!

Best regards


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  • Hi guys,

    Very very important ! The preliminary manual is ready in DOC and DOCX formats. Please advice what to add/remove/change. Your advices are highly appreciated. Some of you already had their X1. Please share your thoughts/comments.


    AUAV-X1 user manual.doc
    Shared with Dropbox
  • Hi Nick,

    Good news, Very much looking forward new flexible board.

    Best regards


  • Hi Kirill,

    Email me at . Sorry for my website is not updated yet, but no time left for. I'll update it soon.

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    Guys.. really struggling to understand how to make a pre-order :(

    P.S. Will the CAD files be available? I really like to incorporate the board into a design and some solidwors or othe CAD model would be really nice...

  • Developer

    Glad to see it coming to market, keep up the good work!

  • Great news, because i'm done fighting DF13 connectors.

  • it works fine for me too..

    i am waiting for the full  new chip design too because dal sensors is already use for arduplane and it should be here rapidly for arducopter

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    You might need to check your PC.

  • Hi Aytek, works just fine. No idea why this happened.....btw, it is Windows d'fender...... :-)

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