AUAV-X2 ( the revised version of X1 ) is alive

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The new revision - AUAV-X2 is ready. I performed all tests today - flashing bootloaders, flashing firmware, configuration, sensors test, receiver test, airspeed sensor test, servo tests, power tests, log tests, temperature tests, etc. It seems the "IRON" AUAV-X2 performs just fine. More pictures will follow.....

Nest week I'll fulfill all current preorders.

Best regards


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  • It weights 14g+-2g.

  • Hi Nick.   I have been doing some digging around could not find the weight of the AUAV-x2?  I like the compact form but wanted to know if there was any weight savings over the pixhawk.  Great work and thanks.

  • Hi, Nick. I tried to use the board with APM firmware (APM:Plane 3.3, also tried older versions), but i receive "Calibration FAILED" message every time i try to calibrate an accelerometer.

    It works well in PX4.

  • Hello Nick and thank you for your prompt reply.
    From my experience with APM's they can reboot if voltage drops momentary. that's why i always add a big capacitor to survive these dropouts. Should i be alarmed to know that without TPS63061 these units are good for minimum of 5.0 Volts min to 5.5V max ? I would have felt more comfy to know these can work with a greater voltage span, like for exp 4 - 6V or whatever. Am i being too picky?  No free lunch?

  • Hi Navigant,

    The idea for TPS63061 Buck-Boost was to allow the FC to work with any redundant power supply from 3.5VDC to 12VDC, thus one can use a simple 1S battery as a backup. The problem is that it has a fixed switching frequency which emits a bit higher EMI in the 433MHz region. With the 7th batch we moved to the X2q which has no TPS63061, but without it, the X2q can work with sources from 5.0 to 5.5VDC only. The X2q is now quiet enough to not disturb any RF.

    About the connectors - yes, they come factory presoldered ( not soldered on demand ) and can be either right angled or straight.

    Best regards


  • What will we be missing without the Buck-Boost converters? What are they used for to begin with?

  • I fly with either Dragon link UHF or Taranis 2.4Ghz. I must know these great looking AUAV-X2 will not RFI on these frequencies. To top that, i need to know it is immune to my on board TX's, e.g: either 1200 / 2400 / 5800Mhz. Once i will be assured these will work together just fine, i will instantly order 2 units with all needed accessories.

    PS: Can one order either top and/or side pins? 

  • Hi guys,

    We can offer a revised version without Buck-Boost converter for 433MHz users. Please pm me at for more info.

  • @turdsurfer, thanks for the info. I've almost bought the AP, but i need LRS support. Is there some way to avoid the noise? Can i be shielded?
  • I suppose nobody is using the AUAV-X2 with UHF (433Mhz) RC.

    I bought a AUAV-X2 recently. I really like it's small size.

    It's only got one drawback tough: it's very noisy on the UHF band, so forget using UHF-RC with it. 
    The Pixhawk by comparison is very quiet on the UHF band. It was my intention to use UHF RC and 1.3Ghz A/V, so that turned out to be a bummer :(

    I measured broad UHF noise in the range of -75dB close to the AUAV-X2, and around -85dB at around 25cm (where my RC antenna should be). A UHF RC system can't just hop around it because the whole noise floor is raised (it's not just a few spikes).

    Anyway, below are some photos of my board. I used coloured header pins because I don't trust myself to plug things in right every time. When using vertical header pins, one has to file/cut little gaps into the header pin plastic because there are tiny components (probably resistors) on the board where the header pins go. The case I use is from Shapeways.

    Size comparison between Naze32, AUAV-X2, and a Pixhawk:


    Slotted header pin plastic:
    ..and the case from Shapeways:
    Hopefully future versions won't be noisy on the UHF band. If so, I'll definitely buy more.

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