Very interesting technology with lots of possibilities. The demonstration subject should also be well known for most of us. My own limited testing show that quality of results vary greatly. Has anyone tried using photos taken with a UAV yet?

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  • Agisoft's Photoscan software does this type of thing and works really well with aerial mapping and 3d terrain model generation.  I was recently in the fortunate position to test it's results against a 4mm accurate Leica GPS (using differentially corrected GPS with fixed and portable base stations) and I was amazed at the accuracy when using ground control points!  We got between 2cm and 20cm heigh accuracies.  The most inaccuracies was outside the ground control points and where there was distortion due to the photos there coming from banked angle photos.

    See the following link for more info :

    Disclaimer : I am in no way associated with AgiSoft and did this using a 1 month free trial of their product.  We built an aerial photography UAV as an R&D project to explore the possibilities and are not currently operating it commercially.  In short - I got my boss to sponsor me to do my hobby ;-)

  • Have tried it for aerial mapping but is not up to it yet. Their servers were slow and intermittent and the photos are limited to 3Mpix. There is no guarantee that the project will continue - within the forum one of their staff confirmed that it is an experiment with no stated future and may be pulled at any time.

  • 3D images have been around in some form or another since shortly after the invention of the Camera;

    Funny thing is they have not enjoyed much popularity with pictures of people.

    It seems that when we can see a still and flat photo of a person, we can project life into the unmoving image - complete with emotion and empathy; however, 3D pictures generally, and this moving image in particular, seem to raise the "it's not moving" flag in a much more disturbing way.


    I have yet to see a 3D image of a person which isn't disquieting at a visceral level.


    (Not to say of course, that it hasn't real potential for inanimate objects and such).


  • I recently tried something similar on my RC car using Microsoft Photosynth, PhotoSynth Toolkit, and PMVS.




    I'll have to give PhotoFly a try on the same photo set.

  • 3D Robotics

    Who knew when they took those photos at the TED conference that my head would travel the world forevermore! My mother has even asked me to 3D print it for her for Christmas this year ;-)

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