Here a video of an autonomous flight with a Maxi Swift flying wing fully piloted by the firmware ArduPlaneNG v2.x R5 with an All In One Pro (AIOP) full IMU board.This is a porting of the ArduPlane v2 (v2.4+v2.5) firmware and special addons and improvements for the AIOP board that I have added.
The wind was 15 km/h gusting 22 km/h. The flight was very stable in spite of the gusty wind conditions.




  • IMU board: All In One Pro (AIOP) v1.0 from CRIUS,
  • GPS: Crius CN-06 (Ublox NEO-6)
  • AirSpeed sensor: MPXV5004DP (from a old ardupilot one shield)
  • firmware ArduPlaneNG V2.x R5, porting of the ArduPlane v2 + special addons for the AIOP v1 IMU board by JLN


Flying Wing: Maxi Swift from MS Composite (1m40 wingspan)

  • brushless motor Spitz 30 850 kV, 360W with a propeller GWS 10x4.5
  • Lipo: 3S EVO25 2650 mAh
  • Receiver: Turnigy 9X8C v2
  • Transmitter: Turnigy 9x with Er9x firmware


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  • Just to let you know, Serial3 is configured for MavLink by default and MinimOSD works perfectly fine without any code changes.

  • just ordered all nearly same as your setting JLN, for now on, i'll follow this blogpost 

  • Thanks Jean-Louis, from what I understand I need to get AIO to send Mavlink data through one of the serial ports to get the minimOSD working? Is there any documentation you can refer me to, so I can tune it? PS, I am just starting with Arduino, but the code seems fairly easy and very similar to C+.

  • Developer

    Here my AIOP full working setup that I am currently test in flight on my MaxiSwift flying wing with the ArduPlaneNG v2.x R5 firmware. In the field, I am using the wireless Crius Bluetooth board to set the parameters and the flight planning with the APM mission planner at 115200 Bauds, this is very usefull. The USB plug is used only to download the firmware and for the terminal mode...


  • Developer

    @ Michal,

    Yes it is possible to connect the miniOSD to the AIOP though the OSD port. You need to patch a bit the firmware source.

    @ Adilson Oliveira

    The airspeed sensor is strongly recommended to handle the speed of a fixed wing aircraft in case of strong back wind this avoid that the plane stall and this is also used to overcome the front wind Vs the ground speed.

    It is possible to don't use the airspeed sensor (airspeed sensor disabled option) if there is weak wind, in the case only the ground speed is used. But if you want that your plane is able to fly in various wind conditions, I recommend you to use the airspeed sensor.


  • Hi,

    I am building an EasyStar/EG FPV platform. Is it possible to connect Crius AIO Pro to minimOSD using only one GPS module? Is there a telemetry output I can feed into OSD? Thanks.

  • Problem Solved = ArduplaneNG V2x R5 does not compile with Arduino 1 but compiles withArduino 1.0.1 . But if I add the AP_Limits folder from ArduPlane2.50 Libraries it compiles if it will actually work I cant tell right now. JLN would this mean that the functionality of the limits folder is not functional with ArduplaneNG V2x R5? Thanks again.
    Picture @
  • Stefano thanks for that yes you need to place the ArduplaneNG V2x R5 & Libraries folder in the "Arduino documents" Folder and I'll be sure to try out the latest version of the mission planner. I will not be flying soon so can wait for your "test flight" feed back good luck.

    JLN I think I might have something funny going on here give me the weekend to establish what I'm doing wrong or what is happening but I will post pictures of my compile errors I had. I'm still on Arduino 1 and upgrading to 1.01 might resolve the issue = my errors: (AP_Limits.h: No such file or directory) so I thought it quite clear its missing. Also I will try installing every thing on a clean computer as my laptop has been running on Arduino since Arduino 16 or earlier I dont recall and you dont whant to know what my Arduino folder looks like with all my projects since then. Or my download was incomplete but that would be unlikely. Cheers & Thanks

  • Developer

    Hello Gagarien,

    As far as I am concerned, the compilation of the ArduPlaneNG2xR5 is OK with the library attached and set in the good place...


  • I solve my compilation problem moving the code source on the arduino documents folder.
    I upgrade Mission Planner with the latest version and my connecting problem within Mission Planner and Crius Aio via Xbee module are go away. :-)
    I made some flying test at my maiden club so i will take confidence with this new platform and this porting.

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