Here a video of an autonomous flight with a Maxi Swift flying wing fully piloted by the firmware ArduPlaneNG v2.x R5 with an All In One Pro (AIOP) full IMU board.This is a porting of the ArduPlane v2 (v2.4+v2.5) firmware and special addons and improvements for the AIOP board that I have added.
The wind was 15 km/h gusting 22 km/h. The flight was very stable in spite of the gusty wind conditions.




  • IMU board: All In One Pro (AIOP) v1.0 from CRIUS,
  • GPS: Crius CN-06 (Ublox NEO-6)
  • AirSpeed sensor: MPXV5004DP (from a old ardupilot one shield)
  • firmware ArduPlaneNG V2.x R5, porting of the ArduPlane v2 + special addons for the AIOP v1 IMU board by JLN


Flying Wing: Maxi Swift from MS Composite (1m40 wingspan)

  • brushless motor Spitz 30 850 kV, 360W with a propeller GWS 10x4.5
  • Lipo: 3S EVO25 2650 mAh
  • Receiver: Turnigy 9X8C v2
  • Transmitter: Turnigy 9x with Er9x firmware


More infos at:

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  • I found the answer i was looking for. For everyone is still interested or google'g about Led meaning:

    Cheers, Enrico,

  • if ya want to skip to the core of Kriby's presentation see 4:45 min , cheers 

  • thanks for sharing to both Jean and the MegaPirate crew in   your amazing work in "remixing" innovating  and taking us all to new places  

  • Thanks. Now I can say you - Your firmware has major bug in Sensor initialization code. During initialization, timer_scheduler must be suspended and MPU6050 must be initialized before compass (Since compass connected via AUX I2C line of MPU). This problems solved in MPNG. I'm also make some changes in your code (since some Russian users reported this bug), so you can try it:
  • Hi all,
    I just finished installing the card with the GPS and the anemometer.
    I loaded the ArduPlaneNG2xR5 sw by JLN and everything seems to work fine, so far so good.
    Now, i would like to know what the three LEDs (label A B C) means and which state corresponds to each LED.

    Thanks a lot, Enrico.

  • JLN, Your ArduPlaneNG v2.x R5 and all previous versions does not compile for HIL.

  • It comes out that it was too easy to be true. With GPS connected to Serial2 and MinimOSD connected to serial3, Mavlink heartbeat is sent to OSD and all onboard sensors (gyro, altimiter and magnetometer) data is passed onto MinimOSD. I have ran into issue I am unable to solve:

    When I connect the board via USB, hte OSD receives all sensors data including GPS position.

    When I power the board from a battery, only onboard sensors data is sent to MinimOSD (no GPS stats are displayed).

    Is connecting a USB cable causing change of serial ports assignments? Which part of the code should I look at and what has to be changed?

    Thank you in advance.

  • Hello Jean, i am using your SENSOR mod on my old AP1 board.

    It work fine but have a small problem on radio.pde

    the problem occurs when i use AELEVON mix.

    i changed this lines to work properly?

    //          g.channel_roll.set_pwm(BOOL_TO_SIGN(g.reverse_elevons) * (BOOL_TO_SIGN(g.reverse_ch2_elevon) * int(ch2_temp - elevon2_trim) - BOOL_TO_SIGN(g.reverse_ch1_elevon) * int(ch1_temp - elevon1_trim)) / 2 + 1500);
    //        g.channel_pitch.set_pwm((BOOL_TO_SIGN(g.reverse_ch2_elevon) * int(ch2_temp - elevon2_trim) + BOOL_TO_SIGN(g.reverse_ch1_elevon) * int(ch1_temp - elevon1_trim)) / 2 + 1500);

  • No just OSD.

  • thanks for the info..
    are you using telemetry along with the osd?
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