Autonomous Waypoint Flight Mode in SmartAP!

Now SmartAP autopilot has Autonomous Waypoint Flight Mode. The demo shown in the video above consisted of 4 waypoints. After the last waypoint quadcopter came back to the initial home position and automatically switched to position hold mode there. Moreover, autopilot has Stabilize,Altitude Hold, Position Hold and Return to Home flight modes. Flight can be controlled and managed with QGroundControl Station.

You can find more information and other videos on my website:


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  • well done Krill i can see you are on your way. good job. I would like to have some more info on your system and the price etc.




  • Joe, those manuals are only I have at the moment. But I plan to add more and more of them soon.

    Peter, sent you PM.

  • Accepted request Kirill, let me know eager to test it! Again Great Work!

  • Hi Kirill,
    Great work. I sent you an email for price, etc. Do you have a more complete manual than just the video instruction?
  • Boris, I had experience with Arducopter v1, it was good for that times. As for Arducopter v2, I saw several outstanding demos, but didn't test it myself.

    Peter, I sent you friend request, add me, please. Then I will be able to PM you. Or write me something here and I'll reply you by email.

  • Krill,

    Really coming a long well, I would like to test one of your boards. PM costs etc....very interested in working with your SMARTAP.

  • Is arducopter  (board v2) able to do position hold like this and altitude hold ?

  • Thanks Yura! I'm trying to develop this and introduce new features as fast as I can.

  • Good job! I see your autopilot evolving much faster than I expected!

  • Hi Richard,

    Thanks! The snow was everywhere and I didn't want it to damage electronics during take off / landing. So hand launch was an only way.

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