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AVC 2015 announced

Sparkfun just announced some details on the 2015 Autononomous Vehicle Competition. Key details

  • Sat, June 20
  • At the new Sparkfun HQ, not the reservoir where it was held for the past two years
  • Aerial is copter-only -- no planes
  • There will be a "no GPS" bonus, because GPS is too easy!
  • Many of the 3DR team will be there coaching kids/student teams, but we probably won't compete directly. Best to keep it focused on amateurs, which is in the Maker spirit of the competition.

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  • @Rob I heard through the grapevine that the decision was mostly about FAA concerns.

    I like the idea of needing more vision to do well. The off the shelf kits are pretty impressive these days, and I could easily participants showing up with a ready-to-go kit and sweeping the event. Having vision stuff (or other challenges) gives the DIYers a way to come out ahead of the kits.

  • Wow, I can only imagine what the technology is going to be like in 2105! ;)

    Happy Holidays!

  • Kind of a bummer about the aerial competition.  I wish they had been able to figure out a way to have a safe outdoor event. Given how bad the balloon finding portion of the competition went last year, I'm surprised they are trying to move the competition to rely even more on vision.  

    I'll probably compete in rover.

  • Admin

    I can get 10 - 12 sats and an HDOP of around 1.5 - 1.8 in my dining room in Southern Florida.

    Depending on the "enclosed course" structure in Boulder, CO, a navigation controller using GPS may still be very competitive.

    I had hoped that the AVC would still be conducted at the Boulder Reservoir as I had asked Sparkfun to consider adding an autonomous boat competition to be held in the reservoir:-(



  • Developer

    I guess someone at spark had a chance to think about liability and some of the near misses last year and how easily that could have turned for the worse. It's a great event, and I love the free spirit of it. But sadly, flying high velocity spinning blades and crowds don't mix well, no matter how you look at it.

    On a positive I think a more confined and controlled obstacle environment, will force us away from just relying on GPS navigation, and try new technology in creative ways.

  • Moderator

    Wonder what they mean by "The course will be confined (enclosed)". Are they planning on moving the aerial competition indoors? I wonder if this is a reaction to the issues with FAA regulation. I can't imaging any other reason.

    Nathaniel ~KD2DEY

  • I'm guessing if planes are out so are VTOL's? I think a few people we excited to show off some new vehicles this year. Bummer.
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