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  • Hi Joshua I noticed the headline on the second article did you see the movie 2001 a space oddysee It won't be long until drones can stay airborne indefinitely and get there energy from the sun a glitch in the soft ware and they will never land and we will have 'Sky Junk 'To watch out for much like space Junk today. You guys have a great day!

  • BTW, did you notice the headline of the second article?

  • I posted a link to this article, because it is such a refreshing change from the previous trend of "drone" news from the corporate media echo-chamber.

    CNN chose to run the story (and this one, which was one of the most popular yesterday) as a reaction to the news of the JFK airspace transgression. Wow! They could have so easily gone to the dark side.

    It seems that the tide is turning, the stock market is back up, economic optimism is trending. Time for all of us to redouble our efforts and make a big push! We need to achieve a permanent advance into the overall business market, before the first big flying-robot accident happens. Hopefully everyone will keep their operations tight, and that eventuality can be delayed for a long time! 

  • Totally agree with you Tim.

    My view is that UAVs are going to be made in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions. The FAA's estimate for 20000 by 2020 shows fairly narrow thinking; as if all UAVs will have an operator with a ground station. In my prediction for 100k+ of these, 95% of UAVs will not even have an operator, only whatever the current delivery coordinates are, a set of airways/routes to follow, and a list of the nearest UAV roosts/nests it can divert to for recharge or package relay.

    R/C planes as they are now (Line of Sight) will be like the Control-Line aircraft of 3 decades+ go, everything will be at least FPV, if not semi-autonomous. No kid growing up with the internet, video games, and other 21st century technologies today will take anything less when they get into model aircraft 10 years from now.

  • Whoever is in the picture is literally a poser, LOL.  All this legislative jockeying and media hysteria is a tag team setup to give "Them" the skies and take it from the guy working out of his garage.

  • Joshua Jack Cross fire is not his real name  if it is him they got a knowledgeable man in their ranks He has a "mystique around him that I like " . This was supposedly  the first   sighting of a drone of any significant size in controlled air space .  hobby drones don't usually fly around at 1500 feet   " If" it was a military drone on a practice run they had better find out who was operating it . Down the road in the years to come  I see commercial drones flying from city to city with freight at first then maby people  there will be flight corridors assigned to them and have their own terminal at the air port The operator should have flying experience and be licensed just like the regional air lines and be in contact with air traffic control and demonstrate stall spin recovery with the drone under IFR conditions  (reminds me of the 1950's when we were being invaded from space. the public panicked ) 

  • Sadly, war drone targeted kills and the specter of Big Brother (or your neighbor) peering in your bedroom window have created a media led frenzy against civilian drone use before it has ever actually gotten started.

    It is now a political football and any politician seen in support of civilian drone use is likely to be lambasted for infringing on civil rights to privacy and as a Hawk.

    I do greatly fear that "rights to privacy" are going to become a really major issue for both the public and our governance and that in all of this the worthwhile and beneficial uses of "drones" will be completely overshadowed by a cloud of fear and mistrust akin to the US nuclear power program.

    Nothing good ever comes out of this kind of thinking and the end result of emotional nonsense is going to have a far reaching and ultimately damaging impact on all of us.

    I know, gloom and doom, but I am afraid the best hope that I have is that it won't be as bad as I think it will.

  • Carl, I had that same thought when I first saw the photo.
  • Todd Jacobs looks a little bit like Jack Cross fire . 

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