BAE Hawk Formation

So ... not everyone in R/C hates Team BlackSheep - what a surprise! :) Some even allow us to fly with them. Here's how that turns out:

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  • That airshow has almost no collateral damage capability.

    Very safe and well done.

  • It was my eyes tracking the screen. Wow! Felt like head tracking.

  • Did you do any post processing of the raw vid or is it just me and my .....It's all in my head, my natural object recognition and eye movement tracking must have tricked my brain....really :0

    You are right about that wide angle thing. We have ~ 180 deg vision but only consiousy process the middle.

  • Nice video 


  • no head tracker, the wide angle covers the plane beautifully. if you're referring to my head movement, that's just instincts messing with me :)

  • Excellent!!!!!!!!!!  

    Looks like you have that GoPro on a head tracker? 

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