Barcelona 3D printed UAV


Hi UAVers!

I would like to show you the new Barcelona 100% 3D printed UAV.

Basic Features:

1500mm wingspan

1000mm fuselage length

845g operational weight

I think it is the first one in Spain, the second one in Europe and the fifth in the world (after SULSA, AMRC, WENDY & VAST) Is there any list of 3D 100% 3D printed UAV's?

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  • For quick reference, DIYD blog posts since January 2013 that announce a UAV have been cataloged here. For links related to 3D printing of airframes, see this page and the three sub-term pages (UAV frame configuration, requirements, materials).

  • there are a bunch more, probably over a dozen, but very few that are this elegant in design. clearly going for a full printed fuselage at the expense of drag and strength is a big compromise people have to make so we haven't seen any like this... it makes good use of the process for what it does!

  • wow! looks gorgeous! upload more details!

  • I hope it will be on cad drones! I work with 300-6000 dollar printers and can achieve this quality. I'm testing out hobby grade ones to start selling on CAD Drones.
  • There is at least one fully 3D printed RC plane on Thingiverse, might be a few more. But I don't think up to this standard, what kind of machine did you print it on? Please say a ~$1000 hobby level printer.

  • so will it be on


  • Awesome!  This is the kind of stuff that has fueled me to create and CAD Drones, LLC!

  • Thank you, It is special for 3D printing tech. Fuselage concept is a 3 elliptical beams bended, twisted and tapered, impossible (expensive molding) with traditional tech (foam, wood or composites). The functional UAV can recover fuselage with retractile film in order to increase aerodynamic performance and protect avionics and payload.

  • Nice work.  I like the design.

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