Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I am interested in autonomous swarm computing, mostly in terms of spacecraft. The resilience and flexibility of a cloud of drones compared to a single, more complex craft allows for some amazing projects. I don't have access to a swarm of nano-satellites so I thought it might be interesting to learn how to make a single autonomous plane and go from there.



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Josh commented on Liam Honecker's blog post FPV on the cheap; 1990's VR equipment
"Do you wear a dark bag over your head while wearing these in bright light? Hilarious, but nice work."
Sep 29, 2014
Josh commented on Jonathan Hair's blog post My 2 cents to the FAA
"Just say to the AMA "What are your ideas on what the rules should be?" At least make an attempt to communicate with those you are attempting to regulate. As an Australian I am a little rust on history in that part of the world but wasn't there some…"
Jul 9, 2014
Josh commented on Brian Parkin's blog post Terminator 3 replica "Hunter Killer" Prototype Drone
"Not very afraid of Skynet when it's hanging by a rope-swing from a tree, I wonder if this is how an advanced machine intelligence would test robots? Looks pretty cool though."
Jun 17, 2014
Josh commented on Jonatan Domenech's blog post Barcelona 3D printed UAV
"There is at least one fully 3D printed RC plane on Thingiverse, might be a few more. But I don't think up to this standard, what kind of machine did you print it on? Please say a ~$1000 hobby level printer."
May 11, 2014
Josh commented on Greg Dronsky's blog post Future of FPV?
"I haven't read the official post and I also don't claim to be an expert.
The answer to your last question is yes however it looks like the phone doesn't have to do any compilation of the signal. They are looking at using the natural constructive and…"
Feb 19, 2014
Josh commented on Joshua Johnson's blog post CADDrones.com 3D Printing Services Page (Hobby & Commercial)
"There is a ~$200 delta around somewhere, DeltaPrintr or something. I keep coming up with ideas for bits and pieces to make.
I will try to upload some of my 3D plane stuff from SketchUp today, would be good to see what people think. I am no…"
Jan 6, 2014
Josh commented on Joshua Johnson's blog post CADDrones.com 3D Printing Services Page (Hobby & Commercial)
"I have been playing around with a fully 3D printed fixed wing aircraft. I have seen a few seemingly successful printed planes on Thingiverse but given all the popularity of 3D printing it seems as though not many people have tried it.
I can upload…"
Dec 31, 2013
Josh commented on Simon Howroyd's blog post Long Endurance Flying Technology Prototype
"You can make hydrogen using electrolysis, some people think it is too dangerous. I have never done it but it looks like if you are aware of the properties of the gasses and how to properly handle them then it is relatively simple. If the cell uses…"
Dec 20, 2013
Josh replied to Oliver's discussion We're Doing It Wrong!
"I see your .gif and raise you a Mercedes Benz suspension ad. While I tend to think ads are a pain, every now and again you get one like this and are forced to conclude that maybe some ad producers have an imagination and sense of humour.
Oct 3, 2013
Josh posted a discussion
I am new to rc and rc planes. I'm trying to get into the game with a scratch build using the Experimental Airlines techniques. While I first want to start with a plain electric rc plane, I'm interested in maybe getting an ArduPlane and turning it…
Sep 7, 2013