BAT-SAFE for lipo charging

3689682798?profile=originalBAT-SAFE is a low cost safety device developed by Tom Mast, aircraft design engineer. It's easy to use, and literally put a lid on the dangers of malfunctioning batteries. They just released a Kickstarter campaign. It has the potential to become a standard to people that use lipo batteries and want some piece of mind.

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  • @Tony Well, the box does filter the smoke and retains most of the soot, you can see that on the video. I speak from my own experience, a battery fire that happened to me left sticky, oily soot, which you can't just paint over, on all the surfaces of the entire ground floor. Was lucky though that there was nothing near the battery that could have spread the fire.

  • Batteries do catch on fire, for no reason. It happened to me twice, and I was lucky. I like the idea of a device that protects me from malfunctioning equipment, of course I would prefer to be able to buy batteries that are safe to use. But there obviously aren't, they have been completely banned from commercial airliners by the ICAO beginning on April 1st 2016.

    They were obviously banned because they are not safe, or at least not as safe as we hope them to be.

    And if my battery catches on fire, I'd rather have it happen inside a box that prevents starting a home fire. I know that my batteries do warm a bit on charging, but I am pretty sure I could wrap them in a sleeping sack and they won't catch on fire from overheating while charging. 

    Anyone that tells me that lipo batteries, especially the large kind that we use in drones, are safe, needs to explain why they got banned from commercial aircraft. You can't even check a spare cell phone bats anymore.

  • It's a bit of over-kill, IMHO

    Flite Test has a couple of "battery bunker" ideas on their website that are safe, effective, and inexpensive.

    A simple cinder block and a bag of sand for a fire suppressant are really all one needs for charging.  I transport in a $7 metal ammo can.

  • T3

    @Mike you should not reply to Darius, he is a notorious troll.  Check his previous posts.

    Your product looks great!  I am going to get one, the peace of mind is worth it.

  • This looks like a great product at a very competitive price, but...

    Dude.  That voice-over is going to kill your campaign.  Everything else seemed well polished, but that alone made me have second thoughts about your viability and prompted me to hold off on backing.

    Hire an actual voice actor online for some nominal amount and get that god-awful text-to-speech out of your Kickstarter video.

  • @Darius - I hope you charge your lipo batteries near your computer, it gives the rest of us hope that you will burn your computer down and the rest of us don't have to listen to your incessant moronic trolling.  Go away.

  • I charge LiPOs on top of my gas cooker in the kitchen. As it is designed to have the open flame there in the first place .. :)

  • Another horror story and horror product


    The Design (Patent Pending)

    So after analyzing the problem I designed an insulated double wall steel box that contains the fire and intense heat, the smoke and soot is filtered through a steel and fiberglass flame arrestor which also reduces the heat of the exhaust gases. The clean and relative cool smoke is vented out of the box to prevent the box from exploding.  The battery still produces a large quantity of smoke but it is clean and free of soot and will clear out quickly.


    It's not smart to offer product intended to burn Li-Po batteries to generate heat, exhaust gases, flames, to be operated at home (indoor).

    All efforts should be directed to build safe charger and safe Li-Po batteries.

    Safe charger is one equipped with temperature sensor to prevent overcharging.

    Drone Li-Po batteries should come with temperature sensors by default

    to prevent overcharging, fire due to excessive current consumption.

    But it doesn't make sense to build a box to burn Li-Po batteries at home.

    Replace metal box by plastic box with both inlects, outlets

    and temperature sensors.

    Never charge your Li-Po batteries closed in the box since free air flow cooling exactly prevents any fire.

    Acting otherwise you built Li-Po batteries cooker

    Read Li-Po batteries  ISO, EU charging, handling standards first.

    no reply please

  • Excellent product! I use 50 cal ammo cans right now with holes drilled into them.

    Too bad shipping to Canada is listed as $40 and the box is only $29.

  • Good idea Xon, to have a little instalation inside with vent outside to charge batts if that is the smoke :O

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