After my quad flew itself into the side of my workshop and destroying itself, I decided to go with a hex after having bearing issues with my motors and having a motor lock up in flight. With a hex at least I have a bit more redundancy. My design I am hoping will look quite rugged and enclosed as the Colorado dust gets into everything at a low altitude. So I began the design with the main frame plates and I will go from there as they are the "backbone" to the platform. Here are a couple of pictures of them being machined on my CNC mill. I also have a 3-d printer and use it's prints for castings, I am thinking of printing a pattern for the outriggers to cast in aluminum, I have to weigh in the weight cost though.

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  • Vladimir,
    I basically designed this frame myself. I wanted it to be able to fit in a 6" piece of tubing for an outer shell. If I choose to go that route. I can send you the g-code if you would like.
  • Brian, this is really great work. Way to go on the CNC milling. I have a CNC mill myself based on the ShapeOko design and really want to mill my own quad or hexa frame. Where did you get the design for this frame?? I have tried to find a CNC-friendly frame design but have not been able to. I would make my own but I don't think I understand enough about quads or hexas to do a good job yet.

    Any info would be appreciated.

  • bad material for copter

  • Moderator

    Pretty!  Looking forward to seeing the rest of it.

  • Sounds like we need a front range multicopter meetup at some point :-)

    I plan on going to the SparkFun autonomous vehicle competition in June as well.

  • Hi guys. I am located just east of Colorado Springs. Thanks for the compliment.
  • Boulder here. I know the local hackerspace would love to see this in person. We're almost done converting our mill to CNC.

  • I was about to ask the same thing. I'm in the Colorado Springs area.

  • This is looking sweet! Where in Colorado are you?

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