A few weeks ago Hobbyking revealed in a picture on their facebook that a new version of the Bixler was supposed to be coming. Today they listed it an ARF version on their site.

While keeping the features of the first Bixler (the plane is named after one of the Flitetest presenters) Hobbyking has managed to improve flight times by giving it a bigger wing area (wingspan of Bixler 1 was 1400mm, version 2 has a wingspan of 1500mm) and other design improvements. The Bixler 2 in ARF form comes with a lower kV motor that can handle bigger props (7x5 for this version, was 6x4 for the 'old' Bixler. By enlarging the canopy area you are more versatile in the FPV equipment you want to use or use a larger flight battery. Also, the canopy is clear plastic now (was black foam).

Flaps are optional. Although the plane comes with a provision to add flaps, you don't need to use them. If you still want to use them, then you need 2 9 gram servo's and a servo reverser to your cart.

The price for the Bixler 2 ARF is US$ 69.99 while you can still get the old Bixler in ARF form for US$ 49.82. It's unclear what that price difference is coming from, maybe they want to sell out the previous Bixler.

For more information and specifications see:

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  • Wondering how this compares to the Easystar2, in terms of handling and performance.

  • Have a look at this thread. Many interesting mods for Bixler and similar planes.

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    Thanks Marooned thats certainly an improvement.
  • Hein, check this out for your last question.

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    Bixler 2 Maidened yesterday,  


    -with 50-60% throttle i had a 28min flight from a 3s 2500mah lipo, and landed at 11,4v (3,81-3,83v / cell) 

    -strange flaps, @20% they give a lot of lift with out the need of ELE up, but be carefull! it brakes realy fast and it may stall  

    - i didnt reinforce the spar, i only used reinforced tape under the spar, and there was no wing fluttering

    - very good motor-prop combination, bec-esc-motor were very cool with 38 degrees celsious and still had plenty of thrust,

    - with all our usual gear (APM, telemetry, bec, rx, 2500-3000mah batt, balances perfectly on spars without a gram of ballast, 

    -effective rudder


    -Like many, i also noticed the unbalanced prop adapter, i hope its not the motor shaft, it produces terrible vibes.

    - an additional 100gr from a cam or fpv system, will raise the stall speed for 24kmph to 28,9

    - bigger wingspan with same fuse makes it unpredictable (for my skills) when i try to use flaps or fly it like glider


    Thanks you!  

    1, it comes already glued which makes thinks a little dificult  when you try to distribute gear, or pass cables.

    2, No, every gram on tail equals to 3-4 gramms ballast on nose so 2*9 =18=> 18*3-4= 54-72gr extra weight! unless you need them to put something up front, stock servos are better than bix 1 and dont take much room.

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    I received mine on Saturday and had it built up within one hour, including making the tail removable. One problem I have though - it's incredibly fiddly to get the aileron & flap servo cables connected when attaching wings to fly. Has anyone come up with a nice solution?

  • Hi.

    Nice Setup james!

    I have 2 questions:

    1./ About the fuselage. It is obviously made of 2 half parts. Do they come already glued? is it easy to split it in two??

    Would be much easier to work with the 2 parts instead of the whole fuselage.

    2./ In your opinion, would it be better to put the Rudder and Elevator servos into the tail??


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    Eric, iam really sorry and embarassed writing your name wrong... i cant edit my comment!

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    Thanks Erik! These new sector like reinforcements make thinks tighter, you could craft them a little to fit a bigger batt easier, i wouldnt suggest cutting the fuse, try add a switch like mine.. when everything is inside i give power and i dont have to worry if it was steady or leveled.   If i had an APM 2.5 with side headers and the new case, i would propably glue it straight forward under the canopy and fit a 5000mah bat!!

    Bixler 2 RTF, all up w 895gr :


    the real pain.. was to pass the telemetry cable from boom to canopy

    3692495215?profile=originalFinaly some batt comparisons:


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    Thanks Chris! 

    It fits perfectly any 3s lipo 2500 to 3000 mah, i cant fit nanotech 3000mah because they are 2.4cm wide.. 

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