A few weeks ago Hobbyking revealed in a picture on their facebook that a new version of the Bixler was supposed to be coming. Today they listed it an ARF version on their site.

While keeping the features of the first Bixler (the plane is named after one of the Flitetest presenters) Hobbyking has managed to improve flight times by giving it a bigger wing area (wingspan of Bixler 1 was 1400mm, version 2 has a wingspan of 1500mm) and other design improvements. The Bixler 2 in ARF form comes with a lower kV motor that can handle bigger props (7x5 for this version, was 6x4 for the 'old' Bixler. By enlarging the canopy area you are more versatile in the FPV equipment you want to use or use a larger flight battery. Also, the canopy is clear plastic now (was black foam).

Flaps are optional. Although the plane comes with a provision to add flaps, you don't need to use them. If you still want to use them, then you need 2 9 gram servo's and a servo reverser to your cart.

The price for the Bixler 2 ARF is US$ 69.99 while you can still get the old Bixler in ARF form for US$ 49.82. It's unclear what that price difference is coming from, maybe they want to sell out the previous Bixler.

For more information and specifications see:

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    I removed the motor mount to change the motor because I am one of the unlucky guy who gets a power less motor. Then I noticed the motor mount was not symetrical, mine was installed in such way the motor axis was even oriented to the top. I noticed my bixler was oing up when I apply throttle, so I am thinking about turning upsidedown the motor mount.

    Here is a photo, my motor mount was setup like this:


    * Orange: One blocking edge Parallele to the motor mount axis
    * Red: motor mount axis
    * Blue: contact plan between motor and motor mount, not perpendicular to the motormount axis
    * Green: Motor axis

    Does all Bixler 2 come setup like mine?

  • T3   sorry! i pasted the embeded..

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    <iframe width="480" height="270" src=";feature=oembed&amp;wmode=opaque" frameborder="0"></iframe>

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    hi all,

    I added a build album, if someone wants any ideas,  also some comments from first auto (guided & RTL) test

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    I used to fly a Sky Surfer, which is just the same as the Bixler, but this is before they started making some changes inside the cockpit fuselage area and it was really nice and open. In fact, I had two at one point. One I sold off to someone who was wanting to learn to fly and they have had a blast with it. Other than Ultra Micro planes, this is really a great way to learn how to fly and a nice platform to automate with the APM.

    My second was going to be my dedicated APM/FPV airframe but I just haven't gotten around to building it as I have been busy with other projects. If you're looking for one, give me a ping.

    There is another airframe that's supposed to be released next month that should be really nice and would be great for APM's. Once I get some more information, I'll report back with some more details.

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    as promised.. the 3Amp battery fitted after cutting 5mm foam from these reinforcements:

    3692498450?profile=originalthe inside job!! :


  • 3D Robotics

    Just got mine as well as an Easy Star II and all I can say about both of these planes is where did all the space go???  The compartments on both of these are tiny! I cant fit my 3S 3000mAh in the bixler, why does it have all that foam in it taking space and not doing anything. Seems like the designers went a little crazy and added lots of stuff inside that serves no purpose. Why is there that cylinder right bellow the canopy? All in all not a huge fan of either of these planes. They look nice but not very functional unless you take an exacto to it like Eagle did. The better hardware is great but not the lack of room. Bixler 1 for me, well really skywalker you cant beat that.

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    Eric, you seriously mod it!! 

    all up weight??  

    Mine with: APM, gps LEA 6,  3DR900, 3000MAH, 5,8 200mw Tx, extra 4mm spar inside stock, voltage Amp sensor and uncased  gopro, weights 1087gr .

    i made some mods for the battery too, i will post some pics from home later...

  • 100KM

    @Eagle - brilliant ;)

  • OK,

    But what do you put in the nose??

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