Watch out UAV builders or Boeing just might shoot you down with a giant freakin' laser beam! Directed energy weapons are still in their infancy, really, but it's only a matter of time. Today Boeing reported that they've successfully destroyed three, flying, UAVs using such a weapon. Boeing seems to be selling the idea of defending against rogue UAVs, but, to my knowledge, there haven’t been any such threats to date. Do they know something we don't know?

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  • The defense contractors are showing off their last 8 years of research like mad because of the huge shift from defense spending to social programs on the way. They've bombarded gizmodo with the multiple kill vehicle, iRobot zipper mast, Raytheon active kill system, all since last Nov.
  • Shiny Mylar foil anyone?
  • I see it's TOW and 0.50 CAL as well.
  • Of course there's such a threat. It's not a too big effort to carry explosives by an airplane model which is equipped with a camera. Just imagine that no vip's can stay long under the open sky because they are endangered by the death from above.
  • Developer
    They know something all of us know - it is rapidly approaching trivial to build a UAV, and they'd rather be safe than sorry.
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