Borjet MAJA CAD Model

I've spent a few months watching DIY Drones and trying to absorb as much information as possible. It's a fantastic grass roots resource which invites one to participate in both the craft of sUAV building as well as the website.While planning out a future project, I generated a CAD model of the Borjet Maja airframe. The measurements may not be exact all over as not many details or schematics are available, however I know that the important bit - the cargo space - is exact.Anyway, I thought I'd post it here just in case it is of use to anyone else considering using the Maja as their platform. Feel free to bend/break/improve the work. If anyone wants alternative formats, just give me a shout and I'll try to sort it. (Click images to download).Cheers all,Rich.
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  • Maik, what's wrong with it?
  • If you need measurements, I've got a Maja sitting here as well. Am not too happy with it though.
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    There you go club together and make a proper copy!
  • HELLO,
    I have testet the Maya last jear ! it is OK !
    If somone wands it ! i will sell it ! incl. Servos exept. Motor for 150 Euros !

  • Airfoil is not correct, either for the main wing or the tailplane. I was not able to work from accurate/high resolution photos.
  • Thanks!
    But I have a question? Is the airfoil correct? I think it´s very rounded in the leading edge? Any body know which airfoil is it?
    Jordi, which is the chinese copy, where can I buy it?
  • Great, thanks for uploading it in a few other formats. I saw this a few days a go and thought about trying to make my own CAD model.
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    Germans develop, Chinese copy.
  • Hi,
    Looks really nice... I have also designed a Maja look alike in CAD, using wing about 1.8m span, and built most of it from regular HomeDepot green foam/corroplast etc... I have not completed it all as yet, just need to fit servos etc, but I first tried and mounted the motor to the back end.
    As per my CAD design COG calculations, it confirmed that with the motor at the very back end, the CG is really a MAJOR issue with this design. Perhaps my motor was too heavy Turnigy 30-35 1100kv, but all the weight eg. batteries need to go very far forward (actually I needed about three 3s 2200 lipos stacked in the nose to get it about right) and actually leaves little use of all the space available behind them for anything except for air. So, not very useful, as this makes it very heavy for hand or bungy launching, I am converting the wing to use two wing mounted motors so as to keep out of view of cameras etc... I will need a week or so to complete it and maiden it.... if we get a break in the rain...
  • But very expensive , 250€ for a foamie it's a lot.
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