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  • I'm surprised to read amorphous silicon is used?
    That means it isn't a horribly expensive III-V proposition?
  • Now that is one high aspect ratio wing. 18km up, 18000m, 60000ft, 12 MILES up. Just one question, how do you keep it warm ?
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    Its above the weather for most of the flight, well above. The space division of Qinetiq was responsible for an awful lot of the materials I believe.
  • Wow, an achievement like that deserves more than one toast!
    Wondering how well it will perform in a storm though
  • Moderator not much there
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    Adrian would be a good guest for the podcast don't you think? He will hate me for saying that.
  • It has to fit into 50 kg AUW (or is it 50 kilos for just the aircraft, no payload?).
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    mobile communication repeater , geo survey for disaster etc are the thoughts
  • Does anyone know what kind of payload this thing can take? Doesn't look like much...
  • What's interesting is that the Zephyr uses its altitude to store energy as well. It climbs to 18 km by sunset and, after a night of semi-powered gliding, wakes up at 12 km altitude by dawn the next day.
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