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    The great thing about the mavgui I'm working on is that it's GUI is put together with a tool called "Qt Designer", and python, so it's trivial to change/tweak the layout for different use-cases like phone etc.    The Designer outputs XML, and the rest of the application is 100% python.    It's not "one giant GCS" in any sense of the word.. for a start it uses mavproxy and mavproxy modules for most of the underlying comms stuff, and everything else is just easy-to-read python.   :-)    maybe we should start a new thread for mavgui.  ?

  • @David,  good idea but this is not going to be useful on a tablet/netbook/ultrabook because the controls and text are too small.   Take a look at the copter GCS project.  It has a nice simple user interface for fat fingers on touchscreens.

    A concept of mavproxy is to add on lots of little discrete modules that can be enabled/disabled whenever you need them.  I am not sure that bundling everything into one giant GCS makes sense.  It is definitely more difficult to maintain as we have seen from the QGC project.

    Also, mavproxy is no longer cross platform.  Last time I looked, the latest version was not windows compatible.  I spent quite a bit frustrating time discovering that the windows version is far from capable of anything real time.

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    @davidbuzz, Thanks. I didn't spot the png file.

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    Pete, who are you referring to?    If me, then there is a  screenshot at the URL I  gave, or more specifically:

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    Screenshot ?

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    I've been workin on-and-off on a cross-platform GUI for mavproxy, which I've been calling "mavgui".    it's written in QT, and so will run natively anywhere where Qt will ( Mac, Windows, phones, etc ) ... and I've just started to add support in it for a "browser" window, that you'd app would fill perfectly!    I think I'm going to integrate these three into a fully blown GCS.   :-)   PS.... my WIP QT based GUI is here:

  • Andrew, I (and Pat Hickey) have been working on the code a lot since I sent the pull request.  You can see it at

    A short list of changes since I sent that pull request:

    • Added a way for modules to send mavlink messages in a thread-safe way.
    • Map manipulation (zooming etc.) is more polished.
    • Double click on map to fly to a location.
    • Show waypoint markers.
    • Handle multiple clients better ("multiplayer mavlink").

    Soon I'll be adding mission loading/creation/editing/saving.

    Yes, it's pretty easy to put overlays on the map--any HTML element works.

    MAVLink proxy and command line ground station. Contribute to wiseman/MAVProxy development by creating an account on GitHub.
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    Another couple of minor things. I get these messages a lot:

      localhost.localdomain - - [06/Jul/2012 18:59:51] "GET /data HTTP/1.1" 200 -

    where is that from? I couldn't find it in the map web server code.

    Also, reloading the module fails with "Address already in use". I think you need to use SO_REUSEADDRESS

    on the server port, and make sure it gets closed in the module upload() method.

    Cheers, Tridge

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    Hi John,

    I've merged your mmap changes into the MAVProxy git tree - thanks for the great contribution!

    btw, is it possible to overlay other items on the map? For example, can we overlay the waypoints or images from a camera?

    One of the reasons I wrote the code was to allow for this sort of overlay, but if it can be done in a browser that would also be nice.

    Cheers, Tridge

  • Thanks, Andrew.

    Funny, last night I was thinking that the existing loading code might just work with a module that was packaged as a subdirectory containing an

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