Build new Quad + frame

After the crash on yesterday I again rebuild the frame using new 12mm aluminium square pipe with same length of 14inch or 355mm with 10x4.7 props. Built the frame and mounted the motors and electronics. Reloaded the software with 4.5 + reboard firmware.


During the test it seems to be good. Trying to achieve a hover vehicle by adjusting the EPA and trims. Most of the the part did work well. But as soon as I finished testing I switched off the Tx thinking that I unarmed the Quad. The moment I switched off the Tx the motors started to full rpm and the quad flipped and two props were broken. BAD DAY for me.


I replaced one broken prop with the new one I have and I don't have anymore of them. Trying to get them locally from Chennai or Hyderabad. But I couldn't get any pusher props anywhere in Hyd.


What to do. Its in final stage and needs to be demonstrate on Monday.





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  • The Quadframe weighed around ~290 gms and ~970 gms with everything fixed.

  • Nice quadframe.

    what is the weight of your quadframe (excluding other components).?

  • NEVER turn off your radio when arducopter is still on, even when disarmed

    and never turn arducopter on when TX is off, always keep this in mind for the future!

  • about 7 degrees i think is optimum ?

    does your transmitter have expo ?
    what kkuk board are you running

    to get the kkuk to stable hover, power it up for 5 minutes (motors off) let the gyros stabilise (they drift) and crank the gains up as far as you can without the quad looking like a flying jelly (oscillating)

    if you have expo, 30% seems to work, and about 80% travel for aileron and elevator, 100% for rudder.

    if you have it, reduce your throttle throw, to tame it down a bit.
  • Do you have any more CW props? You could fit all the motors with CW props, and tilt one opposite pair by a few degrees so you can still yaw. Not as efficient, and you'll probably have to adjust you PID values, but it'll do in a pinch.

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