Hi all, since the year 2013 I am developing my own frame to adapt the flight controller "Pixhawk" and a System On Chip, with the goal of creating a custom drone for use in defense operations, has been a long road for me, because I had to design all parts and I will continue to work very hard until to get the desired result.

Software used
- Blender 3D for the CAD design of all parts.
- MeshCam V6 for the conversion of the CAD files to G-Code.
- Easel G-Code Interpreter of the company "inventables.com".

Tools and equipment used
- CNC Router, Model X-Carve of "inventables.com"
- Kyocera 1745 Solid Carbide 3 Flute Extended Reach Ball Nose End Mills 0.0625" tools.
M.A. FORD 132 13212500 SOLID CARBIDE 1/8" END MILL

Methods and materials employed
- ProFinish Carbon Fiber 2/2 Twill 3k 200g
- Alluminio 7075T
- acrylic plastic
- Xencast PX30 Soft Flexible Polyurethane Rubber

I am using the infusion of resin to build parts in carbon fiber.

supports for brushless motors.


Based acrylic cover, to accommodate the GPS antenna, USB connectors, and NanoSim MicroSim cards.


Top part assembled without finishing.


Mold machining in Delrin for the base.


Video Clip showing the manufacturing process.





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  • If designing this for foot Soldiers, there can not be any component that is susceptible to shock or drop damage. If you can't throw it out of a plane, have it hit the great, and it still works, it probably isn't well suited for Soldiers... I can attest to this personally as I served 4 Years in the US Army.

    For a small quadcopter that soldiers have as part of their kit, I think something like the DJI Mavic that is small and fold-able would work well. However, it would have to be beefed up a lot more in terms of durability.

  • Hi Rainer K.,

    The elimination of the landing gear is to get more speed and better movement during the flight.

    The purpose of reducing weight, is due to the use of the drone as part of the individual equipment of a soldier who will be walking for several hours to try to obtain evidence of unlawful acts in the commercial sector of the fuels.

  • Cool!!,

    just curious, Why you want to eliminate landing gear?, save weight? or another reason?

  • @Thomas Butler

    The comment is not appropriate

  • Hi Thomas Butler,

    The intention of the project is based primarily on the quality of the materials used in the frame (carbon fiber, aluminum, plexiglas, etc., not plastic), in addition to the weight (750 grams) and size (300mm.), to do so as compact as possible.

    Another feature is the implementation of an automatic system that will raise and lower the Gimbal and the camera when you execute the commands takeoffs and land, to eliminate the landing gear, as show in the following video:




  • Don't waste your money. Just look at 3DR!

  • Q pasada

  • Ok, acabo de ver que lo pones en la descripción! Impresionante.

  • Gran trabajo Winston. Una curiosidad: Cómo pasas el modelo CAD hasta Blender? O es que diseñas directamente en Blender??

    Slds y continua así!

  • 3D Robotics

    Impressive! Keep up the great work. 

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