Building a Hexa ArduCopter

After getting the board from 3D Robotics, motor from RCtigermotor, ESCs from HK... some stuff from Flytron as well.. I started to build:

1. Materials




Frames: DIY CNC Fiber Carbon + Alu 10x15mm x 340mm long


assembled motor to the arms:


with ESCs:



with landing, the FC one is too weak and I could not use it. I used landing of Heli5006337443968_5c168ed701.jpg

with ArduCopter control


The other view:




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  • This has been tested out in Loiter mode and it worked very well. Will check more with Circle and Auto mode.

    Hope I can have video clip soon

  • cool stuff

  • I disconnected red wire from all ESCs, I did not use BEC from ESCs, I used seperate Ubec. :). The last pic is the final, so some confused :)

  • If you plug all the ESCs into the board depending on how the ESCs regulate voltage they might fight with each other and things could get hot. 

  • @Charles: a kind of drill CNC.

    @Gord: I am very pleasure with the motors, wind sound is great. I have not tested out the thrust. I am only using it with 4S as the manual. 

  • How do you like the motors?  I am using MT2814 710KV, they weigh 120g.  I driven them at 5S generating 2500g thrust with 13x6.5 props!  Ran smooth and absolutely cool.  Occasionally, one of the motors rings when accelerated.

  • What CNC did you use?

  • 12x4.5 but this is really not good enough. This is not balance well. I wish APC but there is not any store here in Vietnam selling it

  • what props are these ?

  • not in rctiger, it is in My model is MT3506-650Kv

    You must contact directly them to get the price.

    I remembered there is some site selling them, but it is expensive...


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