Building New Frame From PVC Pipe


I just started a new project in  building a new quad frame for under $10. I started with 2" black PVC pipe and .75" white PVC. Cut all the parts to 18" and the legs at 5.5". I could use some suggestions on how to mount the motors. I have a old x525 with the aluminum motor mounts. I have run wire though the arms and will start to put the APM  and power board in.


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  • I think you are right my biggest problem is going to be the twisting of the frame. I mite run some aluminium rods down the sides with bulkheads in the front and rear to reduce some of the twisting

  • Take a look for twisting on h-frame, this is important. When sit on ground with all gear,  try to raise one arm from motor and look when the other (left or right) arm start to raise also. It should not me more that 2 cm max. If is more, each yaw movement will twist your h-frame and if difficult to control.

    Below is my h-Frame on balsa, $10, 1Kg with Lipo and GoPro with case.

    Quad H-Frame

  • Great thanks for the video link. That is help full

  • Hi, do you still have enough torsional strength in the centre tube? That was the biggest issue on my first h-copter (copter startet twisting at high frequency) once i solved that it flew like a charm.

    Cheers Chris

  • How much does that weigh compared to aluminum. with copters flight_time = k * mass more or less.

  • Nice, Simple and cheap... Motor mounts on PVC?  Check this build video out.. 

  • Thanks for the info on the clamps. I will weigh it and let you know.

  • It looks great and the price is right. How much does it weigh?

  • People mount motors all the time on carbon tubes.. Can't imagine the mounts being all that complicated.. Some tube clamps from lowes with the motor plates welded to them or something
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