Can Your Frame Do This


There has been some question on the strength of a 3d printed quadcopter I had some wonders myself as to just how strong it was so I put this little test together not bad for a frame that weighs 636 grams  

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  • Cinder blocks weigh 30 pounds so that's 27kg. Or 60 pounds and I'm pretty sure I could add another one without snapping it
  • Wow that went over my head ?


  • 15 5.5 they are shortened the one in the picture  is the prototype and we didn't count on that 15" propellers are actual like 15 1/4 we have adjusted the frame to fit so you don't have to clip the propellers does not make that much difference though just a pain to rebalance after clipping them yea its a 4s 16000mah Multistar pack it draws between 17 and 18 amps at a hover climbs to 30 in aggressive flight  

  • Hi! On photo is static load, how about dynamic? I do not know what is the weight of the bricks, say 5 kg. Then two bricks will operate with a force of about 100 newtons.

    But in life with dinamic load If the copter fall at a speed of 5 meters per second and time of elastic collision is 10 milliseconds then the acceleration is equal to 500 m \ c ^ 2. Ie the impact force is 2.5 kg * 500 = 1250 Nm. Of course there are various errors depending on the angle of incidence etc. but when calculating the dynamic loads are surprisingly large.

  • Its PLA and its a CTS printer that has been modified it can also be printed in ABS we are in the process of settting up our retail site they will be available for sale by the end of the month the frame will be $46.99 and we will have a customizable ready to fly or bind and fly model available starting at $899

  • 4S lipo? What prop are they, it seems they are cutted down...

  • That's pretty interesting! What did you use to print the frame?  (printer/filament type) 

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    4x turnigy 490kc 22pole motors with afro 20amp esc with the 16000mah battery I get 46 min flight times

  • it fly's good too

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    You'll need some awesome horsepower to get this in the air!

    Post pics if you get this off the ground!.


    Seriously though, looks impressive.

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