Can you spell 2000mw at 5.8 Ghz!!!!!



Frequencies: 8 channels from 5.645 to 5.945 GHz
Channels: CH1 5705 CH2 5685 CH3 5665 CH4 5645 CH5 5885 CH6 5905 CH7 5925 CH8 5945
Power: 2000mW (33dB +-1dB) of certified output power
Input Voltage: 7-24V DC, 2-6 cells battery
Cooling System: whole body heat sink and cooling fan
Channel Switching: channel button and channel display
Antenna: RP-SMA female 50 ohm connector
Size: 62mm x 42mm x 20mm
Weight: 37g


Here is the product

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    My apologies for highly  belated response,  I don't know how I missed it. There are two repeaters I access here in south India.

    VU2KOD and VU2TCD with less than 1 W most of the time. These have one of the best coverage hence very popular here in south India in VHF range up to Srilanka. I am located just around 100k.m from it, so no big deal. If I use the yagi then it is even less power as these repeater are highly optimized for us poor HAMs. It is all about how well ur antenna performs. Period. Brute power over antenna quality is senseless. Setup is simple for above mentioned performance. Yausu 2R to 5 ele Yagi @ 145.150 Tx freq connected with LMR200 10mt cable, SMA at rig side and N connector at ant side. I assume u get the pic. I could push 1000 times more with other things I have but where is the fun in it.  I haven't tried 5.8 in my setup yet but soon...... cheers.

  • I was always suspicious about this antenna. Its included in 433, GSM and all other kinds of kits. I have dissasembled one of those - seems to be adapted for ~3GHz.
  • wow that is a lot, have you done a range test on the ground yet?

  • I tested one of these, burns about 20W (about 1.5a and ~12.5v) gets hot, and I mean hot, very quickly, even with the fan - don't think about putting it in any time of enclosed space. Burns half as much power as the entire aircraft in cruise! lol 

  • What frequency are you running at 250mw to reach that repeater, 60 km out? I bet it's not a microwave frequency. If it is I bet it's cw only. How many watts is that repeter running to get your 59?

    As you know, at 5.8 ghz a fairly humid day will eat your signal like a fat cop at a doughnut shop. Ye high powered transmitters in a small space with other recievers are a bad idea, but %.8 is so much higher than anything else we use interferince is less of a problem. If you need that kind of power you will be running a 433mgz transmitter and Gps is 1.2ghz ish. Except for power usage, and multipathing, I' don't see a downside to a high power transmitter in the 5.8ghz band.  

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    HAM licence would  matter in  HAM freq alone, assuming that is the case application

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    It is more about common sense/understanding about RF than being illegal. Brute force does not work here Most of fpv guys don't realize that it is not the power that makes them seen/heard further but the antennas that make them heard.  Smart ones think about and improve antennas. If it were about Watts then NASA would be using KW for most of the space explorations projects. If it works for them with just <100 W for Million k,m  for projects beyond earth then it should work very well for us guys. don't you think  so?!!

    On normal days I can trigger my local repeater which is 60+ k.m LOS with just 1/4 W handie into a home brewed slim jim ant.With 1/2 W I get 59 report and we guys don't BS with report.

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    What would the USA FCC say about using this if you have your HAM license?

  • Wow 2 Watts on 5.8 GHz, I think that spells  ILLEGAL.

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