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    Tridge, I wish your team well! Good luck.

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    My flight crews are trained to do their checklist in a more interactive way.  So rather than the co-pilot reading out a task like "Secure the batteries to the aircraft", and the person doing the check responds with "check", "check", "check", "check" which may lead to complacency.    For example the co-pilot will read "Battery voltage", and the pilot is expected to read back the actual voltage rather than just respond with "checked", and then the co-pilot will confirm that the voltage is acceptable.  Similar to why we read back clearances & frequencies etc.

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    My pre flight in a helicopter is fairly long, but my UAS checks are longer I am not onboard to detect any faults so its important to check and double check. I try and brief myself on what I expect to happen in front of my eyes and then if the airframe departs from that take over. Multicopters can't fly long enough to bother with that of course ;-)

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    <yawns> My pre-flight before flying a real plane takes less time than that.  Nice aircraft tho.

  • Andrew, great stuff! I'm a big fan of your teams open policy. Geo-fence, fantastic. Sunlight readable display, genius!

    Good luck in the OBC.

    BTW I noticed while listening to the radio chatter on the video of the Uni of Nth Dakota's excellent 2010 OBC attempt ( ) that their premature water drop occurred when, after been given the green light to proceed with the drop an other aircraft entered the airspace and Dakota UAV was placed in a holding pattern.

    Have you tested for this scenario?

    Cheers Warren

  • Congratulations guy's, best of luck for the competition.

    I'm sure many other new and inexperienced teams looking to enter the OBC in the coming years, appreciate the openness of your OBC project. Thank you.   

  • @ Cool Dude or

  •  Thanks for posting!  The checklist alone is helpful for safety reasons but the flight was awesome!  Mind posting your PIDs and throttle settings for those of us with the Mugin airframe? Think the Mugin could handle taxi missions at 5m/s?

  • I'm doing the SUAS competition in the states, and I was wondering how your team changed the failsafe action for Arduplane.  We have to do something similar for our competition.

  •  Great setup. I have been looking for spacious frame like this myself. Is this a custom frame or I can buy it as a kit somewhere?


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