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  • I get the feeling this is a publicity stunt.  The fur of the cat, at the end, looks a bit fake.

  • For your quad, a cat seems to have been killed :-(

    Though, you seems to have a very different application of yours, for making such a quad but it is very unethic !

    If you had done it you should have not posted it.

  • I hate cats.  But that is really disturbing.

  • Everything is ok... It is.... ART!!!!

    To bad people like that make it into a media pr-campaign if you say something negative or report them to the police.

    But this is just the same as those that made squrrel beer (

  • This completely upsets the balance of nature because birds have no defense mechanism now.

    On the other hand, imagine an entire airfleet of cat-quads all rigged out with amplified 'MEOW's... if your opponent's troops don't break on that roll of the dice, they just won't.

    Who says the Dutch don't have a sense of humor?

  • this is something you shouldn't do to a poor, innocent quadcopter! (lol)

    (or a cat), nevertheless, it looks awesome, and he knows which way is the front :)

  • That's maybe the right video for showing my cat.

    It always want's to catch my NanoCopter. Next time it will think twice.

  • Developer


  • No.

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