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starting out w/ UAVs

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Interested in UAV formation flight, and scratch-building my first UAV

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j.baum53 posted a discussion
I was wondering what to expect as a minimum cost for a bare bones UAV, either copter or fixed-wing.
Aug 2, 2012
j.baum53 commented on patrice.rance's blog post Recycling Propellers
"very nice.  it seems to work well, and is a nice way to save time and, more importantly, $$$."
Jun 19, 2012
j.baum53 commented on Jean-Louis Naudin's blog post APMRover 2, a fun UGV project for full autonomous recon missions...
"hey, is anybody willing to advise me as to how to fix my rover/car?
it ran into a piano and the RC receiver/controller circuits are non-functional now. (it will not respond to signals)
the motors are fine, it's just the RC circuits. I've been…"
Jun 8, 2012
j.baum53 commented on Adric Landman's blog post Cat Quadcopter
"this is something you shouldn't do to a poor, innocent quadcopter! (lol)
(or a cat), nevertheless, it looks awesome, and he knows which way is the front :)"
Jun 4, 2012
j.baum53 replied to Ellison Chan's discussion Brainstorming Specifications. in DIYDrones - CNC Project
"for this, what microcontroller are we using? arduino? or is there something better control-wise for A CNC?"
May 27, 2012
j.baum53 posted a discussion
In a copter, Is there a formula for how much lift is generated by a prop, or are there normally stats for how much upwards thrust is generated for a prop at a certain RPM range? or is this just trial and error.Now that I understand motors (or at…
May 27, 2012
j.baum53 posted a discussion
what do they do?are they needed?Isn't arming/disarming them a pain?how should they be used?how many do I need?any other information would be great
May 25, 2012
j.baum53 posted a discussion
where do I start?what should I do?I have no idea, because I'm scratch-building my own quad as soon as I figure out how. any tips/ideas would be appreciated
May 24, 2012
j.baum53 commented on Ruwan's blog post Computing power on a multirotor.
"would this be a task for a 32-bit ARM processor, or would something better be required?"
May 24, 2012
j.baum53 commented on Jeff Taylor's blog post Falcon 9 / Dragon Launch at 3:45AM EST (UPDATE: Success!)
"looks like they did it!
spaceX is truely one of the most awesome companies in the world, since the government has given up on anything outside the atmosphere, these guys (and others like them) seem to be the last hope for american spaceflight."
May 22, 2012
j.baum53 replied to TUFAN OZBEK's discussion What is the best flight time for multicopter?
"officially, I've heard about 10 hours
though, they cheated and used laser pointers focused on a solar panel on the bottom of the copter.
I beleive for self-contained power is less than an hour"
May 20, 2012
j.baum53 commented on Trent at MyGeekShow's blog post Final "Non-APM" testing of the Shrike
"good luck with your APM-ify-ing, looks cool"
May 20, 2012
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May 19, 2012
j.baum53 replied to j.baum53's discussion Designing custom octo frame
Is this because I didn't give specific info, or people don't like sharing tips, or there are no real tips to speak of...
I was hoping that I wouldn't have to go into this blindly.
I'm not just interested in the frame, but this seems to be…"
May 18, 2012
j.baum53 posted discussions
May 14, 2012