First I acknowledge lianpinkoh's post, "Channel Mixing in Turnigy 9XR for Arducopter/Arduplane" as this was the post I started out with.  The method I explain below is only a Modified version of lianpinkoh's that is more taylored towards arduplane rather than arducopter and that does not require the servo cable to channel 7.

Below are the uses for the switches I am using:

This Mixing schedule (shown below) sets up the three switches shown above to do the following:

1.) The switch on the left will return the Aircraft to manual mode(mode 6) no matter what mode it currently is in.  Think of this switch as activating/deactivating the other two.

2.) The Middle switch is a three position switch and will switch between three different modes.

3.) The switch on the right is a two position switch.  This switch changes between one set of three modes and another.

If the left switch is flipped up, the 6 modes are activated as follows:

Mode 6: Middle switch: Down, Right switch: down

Mode 5: Middle switch: Middle, Right switch: down

Mode 4: Middle switch: Up, Right switch: down

Mode 3: Middle switch: Up, Right switch: Up

Mode 2: Middle switch: Middle, Right switch: Up

Mode 1: Middle switch: Down, Right switch: Up

Again, if the left switch is flipped down, the middle and right switches are ignored and the aircraft will return to manual mode (Mode 6 in arduplane).


Connect receiver CH6 to APM CH8 for arduplane.  

Let me know if you have any questions!

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  • Jule, this worked perfectly thank you very much...it took me a while to figure out the "R" part.  For anybody else who might use this the R is in the "multiplex" option, you set it to "Replace".

  • Developer
    You can always look at settings flight modes to show the mode as well, see http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/setting-up-open9x-to-show-curre...
    You made need to flash a newer 9XR version of what is now called OpenTx
  • I never used throttle failsafe on my FrSky setup. 

    Take the prop off your plane, set it to RTL, press 'Failsafe' button on your FrSky Receiver.

    Test it by turning off your Transmitter (9xr) and check that the plane switches to RTL

  • how to adjust the throttle failsafe?

    my set of such

    UBLOX LEA-6H GPSHKPilot Mega V2.5Turnigy 9XRFrSky DJT 2.4Ghz

  • Thx Mike. I fiddled with the curve settings and found a suitable setup so all good. Thx for a baseline to work from.
  • You should be able to have it switch to rtl but because the channel set to manual cannot be changed I believe you would have to reverse the polarity of the master switch to switch back to the opposite side of the spectrum.  Also jule came up with a simpler way to achieve what I have done as shown in the comments. I will probably switch to that method if the memory on my transmitter ever resets. I am on travel right now buy will look into your question when I get back in town. 

  • That's pretty awesome Mike, thx for such a simple tut. I've spent all my APM time on a DX7s and am really new to 9XR but info like yours is of great value.

    I wonder is it possible to change the left switch to always override to RTL instead of Manual?
  • I am a complete "noob" ( practically virgin) and adopted Jule's proposed set-up (Thank you, Jule) .

    I don't mean any disrespect to Mike's proposal, BTW.

    I have a Turnigy 9XR with OpenTx firmware, and it was simpler to execute it using Companion9x.

    Here are the steps I followed ( in a path of self-discovery, full of sweat and tears):

    1. Open Companion 9x

    2. Open/create an eeprom file where the profile of your copter is stored

    3. Double click the copter model ( in my case, 3DR Quad)


    4. Select the "Custom Switch" tab and copy as shown below ( important: respect the order and the values given for each entry. Attention to "AIL" and "!AIL" values !)


    5. Select "Mixes", and right click on Channel 05 (Ch05), and select add to start assigning the mixes to channel 5.


    You will have to create 7 mixes ( one for each switch you created at "Custom Switch").

    • Source: MAX ( for all the seven mixes)
    • Weight: Different % for each mix ( in the image below, see the % for each mix; pay attention to the positive and negative values)
    • Switch: CS 1 for the firts mix, CS2 for the second mix, etc.
    • Multiplex: For the first mix, select "Add"; for the remaining mixes "Replace" ( it will add the "R")

    Note: The first mix ( -84% MAX Switch (CS1)) has a different "Multiplex" value from the rest



    6. Save the eeprom file and upload to your transmitter ( write EEPROM to Tx)

    The end result is the one described in Jule's posting ( at least, that  it has worked for me).

    I assume ( and may be completely wrong) that this solution can be applied to any transmitter with OpenTx.

    I hope this helps.

    Comment: The "weight" values in each of the mixes have been a nightmare to have them right but I have learnt a lot.

  • Hi Mike. Thanks for getting me started. I had a hard time understanding your setup, so I decided to do my own. The behavior is inspired by yours, but I decided to use software switches for the sake of simplicity.

    I think its nice, have a look: 

    Link to Youtube

    The same video, embedded:

  • Took me awhile to figure that also.  Go down to channel 5 and hold menu until the menu pops up.  Go down to switch and keep pressing left until you get to the "!" series of switches.  They are after "OFF".

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