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  • Now it's a white dove.
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    You've had to remove the hellfires, remove the airforce decal, had to turn the elevators around, -why is anything else needed?
  • Maybe a contest is needed? i have seen many sites that ask help from their members especially those with the mad Photoshop skills to whip up something nice. This could work for you guys in two ways.
    1) If there is a header/banner made that you guys do like then it gives that person bragging rights and you have a nice banner. You could even include some kind of reward/prize if banner is picked.
    2) If out of all the banners you have to chose from you dont like, then perhaps they could offer up some ideas to a new design.

    Just some thoughts.
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    "The rubber band version seems a little friendlier?!? lol"
    Yes if you can make it autopilot-guided.
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    Right, this issue has been getting alot more attention than you would think it deserves.

    Chris wants to make sure the banner, while being representative of the interests of the community and the publics as a whole, it should not attarct the wrong kind of attention by seeming to represent the militarization of technology.

    I think it's a done deal by now!
  • Very true. The Predator/Reaper is a recognized UAV design by almost everyone who is aware of its existence. I dont see any problem with keeping it but I did offer my thoughts if it were to be changed :D
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    Yes I don't get it. Why all this?
  • To reinforce the notion that the Predator/Reaper shape is most representative, it is the UAV currenty used in some movies. I've seen it twice now, albeit once with a jet engine (not turboprop) in the back (gotta love Hollywood). Anyway, they're going to use something that common folk will recognize as a UAV. I'm not really getting this military/evil concern to be honest. Is it really such a big deal? I don't want to get political, but maybe this thread is already there by default. Man, just stick with the Reaper without the Hellfires and be done with it.
  • Is is just right, congratulations :-)
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    "Krzys: what's that?"
    Military, but not totally evil.
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