Chris Anderson, Commercial Drone Disruptor!


Chris speaks DEFCON...

"The do-it-yourself (DIY), open-source drone movement is turning into a real business that could disrupt the commercial and military drone industry. It’s another case of how exploiting the curiosity of hackers can turn into a commercial opportunity.

"That’s the view of Chris Anderson (pictured), editor of Wired magazine and a drone hobbyist and businessman on the side. He spoke about this DIY trend and his own efforts to lead it in a talk at the Defcon hacker conference in Las Vegas today."


Venture Beat

via sUAS News

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  • Recordings of the talk are now available in the DEF CON 20 media archive:

    DEF CON 20 - Chris Anderson: Drones!

    It's not the only one related to aviation either, check out the rest of this year's archive! Past events have also featured small flying vehicles, with or without computers in - or applied to - them.

  • DEF CON talks appear archived online at some point, keep your eye on this page (and check out the past events, there are lots of interesting talks within):

  • @MarcS, youre right that DARPA plays a big role in encouraging technology.  I just happen to admire the hell out of what Chris has accomplished without any government sponsorship and the emphasis on peaceful civilian applications. 

  • You just missed Kevin Finisterre... you two should have had beers. You know that is his turf.

  • Chris,

    Is there a transcript of your defcon talk somewherre?  I'd really like to read it if there is.

  • 3D Robotics

    MarcS: Oh, my--I must not have done a very good job explaining things to the kids. That "camera" was just my laptop's webcam! It's not for sale ;-)

  • Awesome! I was at Defcon I & II when I was 12 / 13 yrs old. My parents sent me off with my hacker crew. Amazing to see the evolution. :)

  • Now also in german:

    Funny sentence at the end (rough translation): After showing the DIY-Drones shop to the "Defcon Kids" they ask Chris if he earns money with it: "Sure". After he is gone, one of the kids says "I think he only wanted to sell those camera to us"...

    @Harry: Isn´t the military (in the form of DARPA etc.) one of the main sponsors of research in the US? Look at all the Boston dynamics "Big dog" stuff.

  • Is a recording of this talk available somewhere?

  • "We will bury them with their own confusion!"

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