Cloud Raven GCS for 3DR Solo and Pixhawk

I've had the pleasure of beta testing a new Android based Mapping/VR/Modelling GCS for 3DR Solo.  In addition to Solo support it also supports both Pixhawk based fixed wing and multicopters.  DJI Phanton3/Inspire 1 compatibility is likely to follow.

It is refreshing to see a GCS for Pixhawk that is as easy to use as my Sensefly eBee, requiring zero piloting skills, and 100% flown using a tablet PC.  I recorded the above video yesterday during another test mission.  The only time I touched the RC controller was to turn it on and off, otherwise, the app armed the motors, flew the solo, landed it, disarmed the motors, and then Geo-tagged all the photos, ready for upload for map processing.

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  • Hi would also like to join the beta testing when available.  My primary mission is survey work so this focused purpose tool would be fantastic and get a work out with me.  I am a Agriculture services provider.

  • Still looking for an update as well.

  • +1 any update? 

  • Any updates on beta testing and availability date?

  • I just sent you a friend request. 

    I would like to PM you to discuss future testing.


  • Sorry about the delay, it's taking longer than the original post suggested to finish development of the app for two reasons, one is that adding the final features is taking longer than expected, but there are also some business related happenings which may change our plans for the app. Once that's sorted we can go into a beta program. At this stage I think this will be at least a month away.

  • When will it be available?

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    @earthpatrol lol well that' would be technically impossible because I am a pilot, and therefore there will always be at least one pilot on the plane.

    But when was the last time anyone flew as a passenger in a drone/unmanned aircraft? You know they are called unmanned aircraft a reason right?

    With all the redundant RC links, if the if the same software/hardware that might cause a so called "fly away" craps itself, the sensors fail, the RC links fail etc no matter how good you think your piloting skills are, you become just another observer.

    The aim is to make drones so easy/reliable to operate that it doesn't require piloting skills.

    So back on topic, 3DR have made a pretty good hardware platform (with a fly away warranty!). The community has contributed to the development of its software, and James has done a great job making an easy to use GCS that anyone can use.
  • @hai_tran when is the last time you flew in a commercial aircraft without at least one pilot? There's a reason those folks are setting there and no super piloting skills are needed just thoughtful human autonomy. If folks are flying without the ability to control their aircraft with redundant fail-safes, that's irresponsible. When I fly, I have no less than 3 different radio/comm links per aircraft in the air, plus redundant ground control surfaces for monitoring and interaction. Using this approach, I've not had a single incident with fly-away or anomalous flight. I can detect and handle those situations with the redundant systems. No magic just thoughtful flight system engineering. Anyone flying without piloting skills(i.e. the surveyor you mention) is irresponsible, period. 

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    Maybe earthpatrol you possess some super piloting skills that allows you recover from a hardware/software failure. But from my experience, when that happens your piloting skills are as useful as a surveyor with zero piloting skills.
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