Combining Live View / Telemetry / Mission Planner

This my version of seeing everything working together without an OSD.   I used this video view to tune the Bixler from the stock parameters, and to get a good idea of how everything all works together. 

This video focuses on way point missions (auto) and geo-fence breaches (guided).   Please note that everything is not as smooth as I would like it to be as the plane tuning is a work in progress.

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  • I don't recall ever losing it in flight but I've had hundreds of flights without a problem and the all of a sudden last week, just after flying, it wouldn't show any sats. Solid blue on gps but no sats in MP. I was using 2.5 or possibly it was 2.4. So then I decided to just upgrade to 2.6 but still had the gps problem. Then I decided to check things out in client mode, remembering there was a gps test there but it will not let me in. Not sure if client mode is disabled on the 1280 board? Can't find an answer to that. That's the only reason I can think of that would prevent me getting into client mode. Does anyone know if client mode is supported on the 1280? I've erased EEPROM using control f and uploaded 2.6 many times but no luck with gps. I have 3 gps units from other craft that is working and I've swapped them out also so I know the gps unit is ok. I've also changed the cable for a new one. I really can't figure out what is going on and am hoping a developer here can give me some clues. I posted in the arduplane group but no responses.
  • F11music -

    It would appear that both you and I are having some GPS issues now.  Lost GPS mid-flight and started heading towards the trees.

    Be careful for whatever reason I am seeing a lot of activity on unexplained "bugs" "GPS" and "Firmware 2.50" for myself and others right now.   I've upgraded to 2.6 but of course I have to retest my whole rig again.

  • Thanks Ger. I was using the bixler param file but will try yours once I figure out a strange GPS problem I'm having. Don't like to fly without RTL safety net so am grounded for the moment.

  • used Vegas pro

  • @Rana

    Nice - What program did you use?   One of the hardest things in PIP video is correlating multiple events from different perspective.  In general, I recommend some sort of timestamps to ease the process.  Even if you match the timestamps you may find that oddly one video may go faster than another due to encoding or such.

  • F11music:

    I haven't found the need to modify too much beyond the stock values -

    • PTCH2SRV_P = 1.2 (Essential otherwise Pitch is too soft)
    • RLL2SRV_P = 0.8 (Essential otherwise Roll is too soft)
    • AHRS_YAW_P = 0.2 (Bixler PARAM file suggestion)
    • HDNG2RLL_D = 0.02 (Not Sure)
    • HDNG2RLL_I = 0.1 (Not Sure)
    • AHRS_YAW_P = 0.2
    • Future Change: Reduce Circle Radius?

    Bixler, Sky Surfer, and EasyStar (Ailerons) really have it easy in the 3DRobotics PID category as so much seems to be based on those airframes.


    Thank you!  I'm really just "standing on the shoulders of giants" with this video.   All I really did was combine multiple screens that I thought would be relevant for my own analysis.   I only thing I brought to this table was a smattering knowledge of video editing and scaling.


    Unfortunately iMovie is a Mac only program.   However, if you have a friend who has one I would highly suggest borrowing it as Apple does a good job making the whole picture-in-picture as simple as it could possible be.

  • Is windows version of iMovie available ?

  • Very well done!

    I considered a similar process once with a setup that used a GoPro Hero2 and a small, lower-res camera similar to the 808, but it didn't have the luxury of telemetry or tlogs, so the log files couldn't be replayed and screen-grabbed from the Mission Planner like you've done here. There's programs and websites that could reproduce some of the OSD data through the gpx file, but the results aren't nearly as impressive. Still hoping someone could find the time to code something to simulate all the perks of the tlog replay, but with using the .log files instead. Unless I'm missing something, that is.

  • That is slick.  Good job 

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