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  • Please Chris, update us! Tease us with some pictures or something. I was also thinking about one board with four ESC's. Three out of four UBEC's are not used in the current situation.
  • UltraPWM should be just regular PWM at a higher frequency.
    Is there any info on their website/wiki? (google translate if you must...)
  • 3D Robotics
    Yes, we have one and never got it to work. We decided to do our own. Stay tuned...
  • Moderator
    Just FYI, there will be a DIYD offering coming up eventually...
  • These are very nice but I baught one a few month ago to use in my new quad and there is a problem using this with the APM platform. This ESC uses what X Aircraft calls Ultra PWM protocol. The ACM uses a std PWM protocol and I am still trying to work with this unit and see what it takes to make it work properly with the ACM. If anybody that is an elec. gooroo can help with this all in ACM world would have this great upgrade.



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