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I've now had a chance to compare the old 63" Nitroplanes Predator with the new 98" Reaper, which is finally in stock. There's no comparison. Compared to the awesome Reaper model, the Predator is a toy. The new Reaper has a fiberglass and balsa/ply body, solid fittings and landing gear and about twice as much internal room. Very solid model and tremendous finish quality.

Here's another shot (I haven't assembled the Reaper's steerable nose gear yet)

Here's the cockpit view (I haven't put the servos in the Reaper yet, but you can get a sense of the size difference. Also note how much room there in the big canopy):

I haven't flown the Reaper yet, and my only concern is that it's very short-coupled (like all Predator models) and may be pretty twitchy in the pitch axis. But I sure feel more comfortable putting it in the air than I did with the little one, which had a bad habit of tip-stalling. I think the flaps on the Reaper are going to help a lot with solid landings.

I probably won't fly this until Sept, since it needs the servos and motor installed. But it's looking good so far!

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  • It looks like the 98" Reaper's are back in stock at Nitro Plane's if anyone wants to order one.
  • Simple solution to tip stall. Cut 2 pieces of balsa the same thickness as the trailing edge. They should be triiangular in shape. Probably 3 inches long (base and an inch wide). Make sure both match in size and shape. Rough up the trailing edge a little. Now CA or epoxy both on each tip with the wide triangular part at the tip edge. They both should be glued with 1/16 UP in them. No more tip stall and you can whip the plane around emergency wise and it won't fall out of the sky. Not cosmetic but it works every time.
  • @Chris
    Its in an airframe design thread here. I'm fairly math based so prefer to know all I can about things before I break them :D its in the new version only as the conditional formatting doesnt work in 2003 but i can save it out as that if really wanted but it won't be a pretty or helpful.
  • The more I think about it, if the alerons extended to the wing tip and an airbrake was deployed, could the longer aleron pull the tips down causing a possible ground loop?
  • I think the idea of aleron/flap config. may have more to do with an airbrake option. The surfaces seem to be of equal length and the location allows for, albeit little, lift with the wing tips.
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    Here's his other video, just of the flying:

  • Many of you may have already seen this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4HXlGtNwws A utube video of how a person put his in the air; not much here, however there is some video of a maiden flight.
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    @Ken Wood: by "first ARF", you do mean you've flown before, right?
    'Cuz from Chri's point about the short coupling and the other comments about the possible CG questions, this will be a wild ride, esp for any low hour pilots!
    (...looks like it could quickly turn into quite a few tiny pieces spread across a runway!)
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    Ritchie, the spreadsheet sounds interesting. Got a link?
  • Papa Jeff went through this a little while ago and we added it to my Excel spreadsheet and using his preferences the giant reaper is too heavy for more adventurous UAV projects. As its wing loading is so high although personal preferences (equipment) will help.
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