Compatibility list of the 6-Position Mode Switch

Compatible at 100% of the purchases !
We finally have some 6-Position mode switch DIY kit, compatibility info for new users !



Tested compatible Transmitters:

  • Turnigy 9x   7 Users
  • Turnigy 9x ER9x Firmware  4 Users
  • Futaba T10CG  (removing the CamPac unit) 1 User
  • Futaba T6J  (physical modification needed) 1 User
  • FlySky FS-TH9B  1 User
  • FlySky FS-TH9X  3 Users
  • Hitec Aurora 9  1 User


Additional user comments received:


> The switch works just like a dream. Thank you for a perfect solution !

> I tried out the switch and definately feel that it is worth my effort to install as now I can use 6 flight profiles and easily switch between them.

> I found the installation easier then soldering on a deans connector, and with my intermediate soldering skills I was able to complete the installation.

> Using this switch has been flawless. Once calibrated I have never experienced any failures with the hardware. It has come to the point that I trust it without a second thought. It has been so essential to my radio setup that I cannot imagine using an APM2 without it.

> Very Easy to set up. I am very pleased with the switch. And easy to mount when I can buy the parts in a kit and with instruction.

> installation was easy. i mounted mine in place of the hover pitch pot. i had to file the body of the "ele" switch a little to get it to fit, but it did -FlySky FS-TH9X

> It surely does make life easy... The big advantage is that now I have all the modes on just 1 switch. No need to look around for combination of 2 different pots...

> i am using it for my NAZA GPS and it made my life easier, one is used for flight mode (Manual/Attitude/GPS/Fail Safe(RTH)) and one for Intelligent Orientation Control  (IOC) (Off/Home Lock/Course Lock)

> Extremely easy to install, even with it being the DIY version.It is perfect! I Could only use 3 modes easily before, so this is a night and day difference.


Where can i get one ?


6-Position mode switch DIY kit



Help us get information !

If you did not participate in the eBay survey, please comment below with your Transmitter model so more users could be aware of the compatibility !


Thank you !





On theFutaba T10CG



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  • @John and Craig, there is a "debounce" logic in the mode switch control, such that the new mode is not set until it has been out of the old mode for at least 1/3rd of a second. This may not be optimized for a knob, but it's better than nothing.  Basically, when you change modes, make sure you are in your intended mode before 1/3rd of a second has passed.  If you move the knob too slowly, you will get a unintended mode in the middle.

  • Nobody has tried this with a Futaba 6EX?

  • Futaba FX 40

    assembly simply

    function SUPER :)

    Klaus -Germany-

  • Darren,

    There was a short period to wait until we ship,

    now they are in stock and no problems. - If you place your order now we are shipping immediately.

  • @any Developer or Moderator, re: Craig Fraser's comment on 8 Oct 2012):  Since I am about to install and use the product, I would like to know if anyone else has similar concerns (and if not, why not).

  • Craig,  I was one of the users quoted above.  The flight modes are programmable in the GCS.  I have mine set to stabilize\loiter\stabilize\stabilize\auto\stabilize with channel 7 set up for the simple mode override on GEAR.  If I use other flight settings I will probally remove the middle Stabilize settings so that all the way one direction or another will bring me to Stabilize in a panic. 

    I went a slightly different route with my install and instead of the knob shown I used the knob directly above labeled HOV PITCH or some such as The GYRO knob I still wanted for my 250 and my 450. 

  • Ted, will make it usually in 10-20 days.

    Hein - you receive the soldering schematics physically with your kit !

  • (2) Turnigy 9x's running er9x.  Works fine.

  • Ordered one about a week and a half ago...can't wait:).  Anyone know roughly how long the mail takes to North America, mainly Canada?

  • Did anyone have install this on Spektrum DX7?

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