Compufly Port to Java with enhancements


This is a port of Flytrons USB2PPM Project Compufly with enhancements 

You can use multiple usb sources and map any axis and button to any channel of your choice. 

You can also map multiple buttons to the same channel and adjust the ppm value to them for a 3 way switch with 3 buttons type set up

Current feature list

Servo/PPM output

  1. Ability to output no less then 10 ppm Channels
  2. Channels need to be able to be inverted
  3. Channels need to be able to have Trims rate settings
  4. Channels need to be able to have Exponential rate settings
  5. Channels need to have multiple input to output mappings
  6. Channel Resolution 2048 (11Bit)

Joystick/Gamepad Control

  1. Accept 3 or more USB device inputs
  2. USB button detection on joystick interface
  3. Support for POV HAT Buttons
  4. Support for HAT Switches
  5. Tabs or Pages for all detected USB interfaces
  6. Mapped Values for all axis for specific device per Tab/Page

Output Device Configuration

  1. Selection of number of channels
  2. Mode selection Positive/Negative PPM


  1. Resizable for use on note/netbooks
  2. Ability to save/load settings
  3. Show values for ppm output and joystick/mini joy axis with Progress Bar type scroll


Everything is kind of setup for my CH Products set up with joystick throttle and rudder at the moment.

Check out the google code page and try it out for yourself. Make sure to read the wiki pages fore more info. 

Google Code: Joystick to PPM
I am looking for Java programmers and testers to help work out bugs. If you think you fit the build email me and I'll add you to the list. 

Screen Shots




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  • Hello Ryan!
    I'm trying to send commands to the Turnigy 9x with a joystick.
    What kind of hardware would I need between the joystick and the Turnigy 9x?

  • Ryan have you made any progress?

  • Looks like the compufly device is no longer available from Flytron or RMRC. Anyone know a source for one?

  • Any chance this could be ported to be accessible in a webpage to control a TX connected to a remote PC?


  • Whats new with this project. Eagerly waiting an update! Have you finished fully porting this to java?

  • Dear all,
    Fristly, thank’s from France for your work with JoystickToPPM.
    I use CompuFly software version 1.35 and JoystickToPPM
    But there is a problem :
    CompuFly software is limited to 7 chanels
    JoystickToPPM software don’t manage the POV button on top of joystick as CompuFly software (JoystickToPPM reset the position of the camera when we release POV button – CompuFly don’t reset camera position)
    It’s the reason why I need, if it’s possible, an evolution of JoystickToPPM, to don’t reset the camera position when I release POV button.
    Does it possible ? I ask to a friend (good guy in Java) to do this, but it seem that there is no all sources, and java component in the zip file downloaded.
    Could you help me.
    Thank’s and best regards.

  • I would like to add a function in to use the trim sliders on my joystick. I guess you would have to couple the trim slider to each axis. Also i was having issues getting my mode switch and my y axis to work on my Logitech G940 system. They are not recognized by the program

  • @Danstah I have not updated it yet. I have been really busy with work. Have you tested the current version? Anything you would like to change?

    No one has left me any feedback so I assume the only issues are the ones I have listed.

  • Have you made any new progress on this project lately?

  • Yes, this was very useful. Thank you for your help, Ryan!

This reply was deleted.