ConfigTool v1.4.12

I dropped the "Beta 4" and changed it to just v1.4 revision 12 = 1.4.12.This version has a bug fix to try and address users with locales using "," (comma) as their decimal points. Please let me know how it works. It also includes Jordi's 48 waypoints fix.Download Here: ConfigTool.zipArduTool143.gif
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  • Hmmm..... now I try it again and it works....
  • Ok, I just posted 1.4.12. I fixed some issues that occurred with the altitude offset when using meters. I messed around with the bind plug and I'm having some trouble both with Jordi's Beta 3 and my latest 1.4.12.

    I've been able to successfully have my emulator start pumping NMEA messages into the ArduPilot, the light flashes and then goes off. I pull the bind plug and the light comes on solid. I close the emulator and do a read. The home setting information appears (this is all with the set manually unchecked)... However, on both Jordi's Beta 3 and my 1.4.12, if the longitude is negative (West) the read function always returns a positve. Longitude seems to work fine and will return a + or -. I have not yet figured out why.
  • HappyKillmore,
    What I am seeing is that if you have no waypoints loaded in ardupilot and you boot ardupilot with the bind plug and get a lock and then do a read the home marker icon on the Google side will mark the lat/lon that is shown in the "Home info " with the orange "H" icon. If you have waypoints loaded (a mission) in the ardupilot then the home lat/lon changes in the "Home info" the same as above; however, it will show up as WP1 in the waypoint list on the left with the loaded waypoints as WP2, WP3 , etc. On the Google side this post bind plug "Home info" lat/lon is displayed as a "blue" wp icon and the "orange" "H" icon remains in the "mission" location.
  • I just need to sit down with my Ardu and pind plug and do some more testing. I've been tied up with other software projects and haven't focused on this issue. If all that's missing is a refresh after the read, this should be an easy fix. I'll try to get to it tonight.
  • By watching the "Home Info" lat/lon window on the left it in fact changed to my house lat/lon when iI removed the bind plug and got a lock and did a read. That for me is proof that the home lat/lon is being written to the AP regardless of the fact that Google is not refreshing the home icon. Google does mark it as WP 1. If there is a "bug" it seems to me to be how Google earth plots the data being read from the ArduPilot.
  • fefenin,
    I can not find it now but I remember that some one said that the google plot home(mark) would not be refreshed for some reason having to do with gooolgle. This was brought up early in the official release ArduConfig tool disccussion.
    If you read my first post carefully you will see that I did exactly as you asked me to because of already having a mission in the AP. When you say "home" you must cualify that. Are you talking about the "Home Info " displayed on the left hand side of the "config_tool" or the "home" marker icon on the Google window on the right. As you will see in my first post section B- when I cleared the way points from the ArduPilot by doing a write with no way points and then did a read the Google window showed the "home" marker icon displayed at the "home Info" Lat/Lon.

    As far as I am concerned the Google window has it usefullness; however, the important data is in the left side of the ArduConfig Tool. The point and click waypoint entry works great. This would no be possible were it not for Google earth.

    HappyKillmore - Thanks for a great application. The Google earth bug "quirk" does not bother me. In this business 99.99% is as good as it gets.

  • hi Fred!

    it's working great as well for me exept with the Home placemark not being refreshed .

    did you try what i told to Joseph Schauber a little upper?
  • version 1.4.11 is working for me!
  • that's not different result from fact it does the same

    could you please set up a little trip (2 waypoint plus home were ever you want)

    then write it to ardupilot,
    then power up the ardupilot again with bind plug,
    then remove the bind plug and wait for a fix

    then read from config tool

    here is the good part:
    move the home position few meters away on ardupilot config tool,

    and do a read again

    if i'm not mistaken then the home should be the one that was stored when you removed the bind plug!

    if it's stay the same as it was after you moved it , thenhome is not refreshed .
    do you agree with that??

    tell me what happens please

  • One thing that should be kept in mind is that the waypoints that the config_tool is entering are literal lat/lon way points and not relative to "home" (ie.wp1-200mts north east of home wp2- 200 mts south east of home ... ) Had I launched my aircraft from my home and gone to waypoint mode the aircraft would have flown to the field 32 miles away flown the other two waypoints and returned 32 miles back to my home and circled. A long trip for sure. 62 + miles.
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