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3689512804?profile=originalWe have a winner! Adrian Mescalchini is the victor of our "Design a New Banner" competition, and his work is now gracing the top of this page.  We'll work with him to slightly enlarge the type, but the overall design was a clear favorite amongst those voting in the poll over at Google+ (I wanted to also get the views of a broader community, not just the current members of this site)

Coming in a strong second was Petrus Botha, with this impressive range of options:


It was hard to choose just one, so in recognition of two such talented designers, both will be getting a full APM 2.5 kit as prizes. But Adrian, as the people's choice, wins the top award, of the banner at the top of this page.

Many thanks to all the others who entered this competition. Ning, our hosting platform, is moving to a 3.0 version with a lot of new design tools and a cleaner aesthetic, and we'll be migrating to that this summer. That means lots of additional opportunities for this community to contribute to the evolution of our design. More contests, more prizes!

Meanwhile, Adrian and Petrus, if you're looking for more design work, please ping me. We'd love to sign you up for paid design work at 3DR. Or frankly anywhere else where I can use cool graphics. You both rock!

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  • Unsuccessful troll is unsuccessful.

  • In my opinion the logo/header is too high and take too much precious space forcing users to scroll to see the interesting content. I would cut the height by two.

  • Congratulations! A wonderful banner!

  • Developer
    Great job, :) looks great
  • Awesome job!
  • @Adrian Mescalchini

    Your english is not disastrous :D Maybe because english is not my native language but it doesn't seem disastrous :D

    New banner is really nice, thank you Adrian.

  • Many thanks to everyone who made this competition possible gain through their votes, their reviews and they chose my design among all the excellent work presented by the other participants, I found it great initiative and very happy to have participated in the same and indeed have won it. DIY Drones is an excellent place from which we learn and share something new everyday referred to this exciting world of technology, robotics and unmanned vehicles and which encourages the development and contribution of new ideas for this area still growing more and promises a limitless future.

    Thank you all! and sorry for my English disastrous.


    Muchas Gracias a todos los que hicieron posible ganar este concurso a través de sus votos, sus críticas y que eligieron mi diseño entre todos los excelentes trabajos presentados por los demás participantes, me pareció genial la iniciativa y pues muy contento de haber participado del mismo y más aún haber ganado el mismo. Diy Drones es un excelente sitio del cual aprendemos y compartimos todos los días algo nuevo referido a este apasionante mundo de la tecnología, la robótica y los vehículos no tripulados y donde se incentiva el desarrollo y el aporte de nuevas ideas para esta área que crece aún más y promete un futuro sin límites.

    Muchas Gracias a todos! y disculpas por mi desastroso inglés.

  • Distributor

    Way to go guys!  Very nice and clean!  

  • Moderator
    Nice work! Love the new design!
  • Moderator

    Well done all, I for one am very glad the NASA bird has gone ;-)

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