Congratulations to Tom Coyle!


Please take a moment to congratulate Tom Coyle on his new position as Senior Administrator for the site.


Tom has been a community member for almost four years now, and has been a great asset to the site.  He founded the ArduRover user group, and has been a long-time moderator.  In short, Tom is a great example of a positive contributor to the site.


Here's a bit more about Tom from the man himself:


"I guess that you could say that I have engineering in my blood as I have always had to be tinkering with some technical project since I was a child. Both my grandfather and father were engineers and I followed suit, after a six year stint in the US Navy as an electronic technician, earning my BS in Electrical Engineering from CSUN while working for Hughes Aircraft Co.

Except for about a five year period where I worked in the Motion Picture Industry, I have been involved with the Aerospace Industry like my father before me. During the last 15 years, before my recent retirement, I worked for the Raytheon Co as a Senior Principal Engineer providing reliability, testing, and system engineering expertise for the F/A 18 Advanced Targeting FLIR (ATFLIR) Program, the F-16 Modular Mission Computer (MMC) Program, and the Space Tracking and Surveillance System (STSS) Missile Defense Program.

Presently I am enjoying my retirement in sunny Florida, however  I have found additional enjoyment participating as a developer/moderator on the DIY Drones website. I am the founder of the ArduRover User Group on DIY Drones and am presently working with Tridgell and Linus on updating the ArduRover2 operating firmware."


Tom, we appreciate your efforts to date and look forward to your continued success with


Thank you!


John C.

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  • Congrats. I've frequently referred to your posts

  • Congratulations Tom!

  • Congratulations TCIII. Thanks for all your work on this forum. Miss the discussions, but have moved on.

    - Vijay


  • Many thanks Tom Coyle , for coming and help this amazing communitie ..where people share so much know-how.

    Fernando C. Pinto

    Salvador Bahia


  • congrats ;)

  • Developer

    Congrats Tom!

    I wish you a crash-free season and already looking forward to further development of the rover code.

  • Congratulations Tom.

  • Developer

    Great news!  Congratulations Tom

  • Congrats, Tom is a great asset to this site. Well deserving new role.
  • Moderator

    Congrats Tom. (:

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