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  • You're welcome.

    based on your feedback I enhanced it to make GPS button on/off is enough.

    also will log speed as comments in the KML file so that you can monitor your speed by opening KML in notepad or any XML reader.

    pls check RCTracker1.1.apk&chld=L|1&choe=UTF-8

  • thanks for trying the application.

    I tried it on Andoid 2.2 , GT-9001 2.3.3, S3  4.1 and they are all working.

    The problem is that you need to open the application menu by pressing menu then select "exit"... 

    ... I will update the application to avoid this unnecessary step...however for time being you can try it as is just remember to open the application menu and select "Exit".

    You can try the application without flying if you want to... just walk outdoors, open the application.

    Good Luck. :)

  • Thanks all for your comments ... kindly try and let me know if it is working with you :)

  • Good work Hefny

  • Very cool use of an android phone....

  • Moderator

    Download is very small, 33.3kb?  That correct?  I'll try this out.

  • Google My Track and many similar application, assumes that you are driving a car or walking. The mentioned application cannot give you a KML 3D map where altitude is considered as output.

    The main feature in RC Track is that it does consider altitude and generate KML files that you can use with GoogleEarth application to display 3D paths,

  • If you want to fly your phone, why don't you use Google MyTracks?

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