Cool FPV setup.


This is a cool video and writeup I found on

Here's the Adafruit writeup:

"A micro camera is installed onboard an r/c plane F-16. The camera transmit live the video to ground and I wear video goggle to fly the plane in real time like if I was in the cockpit. The camera replace the head of the pilot and the movement of the cam is control by the movement of my head on ground via a head mount gyroscope (head tracker)

The whole system cost me around $1500 including the plane. But it is many hours of hand made modifcation. You can start with simpler video system that cost around $500 and install it on your own r/c plane. Search for FPV on the web for more info about my hobby…"

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    That vid is by  VRFlyer    (Denis)


    He used to have alot more videos posted, but I think the upcoming govt restrictions may have made alot of people more circumspect about what videos go public.


    The most famous of his is this one of posted by others:

    Low & Slow


  • Great!

  • What's more "real" than video overlay?  Seeing the onboard instruments (well, instrument) in the FPV..

  • This is not mine and was found on ADAFRUIT.COM so that is why the link is at the top I will add the Quotes.

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    This is VRFlyer's setup and video. 

  • Excellent job ! Super scale replica ! Congratulations :)


  • Absolutely astounding! Great work man, and excellent choice of music!

  • and the point is...?

    is it your setup? if so, could you post more details, please?

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