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  • The video is part of a competition

  • Denny

    Ok that was a weird video..... however your copter frame cover is very nice, how about making a video of how you made it, bikinis on the video are ok too. 

  • Here is what it looks like in the air. Flat is where it's at!!!

    Side wind effects are reduced while inertial mass is close to the center of lift.

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    Here's the latest version, The cut out panels saved about 1 lb. and despite the theoretical loss of lift it did actually improve duration by about 8%. The stabilisation also improved slightly. 

  • don't think a funnel adds efficiency. there will always be a gap between prop and frame. not to compensate added weight. protection is a valid point.

  • Oh, I completely forgot to mention that one of the main inspirations for this thought is Denny Rowland's very interesting frame design

  • This looks exactly like something I have been thinking a lot about when fiddling around with my beloved Arducopter quad. My (still conceptual) idea is to CNC-cut a frame from a compact EPS sheet. Similar or same material as our friend Trent has been experimenting with.

    First benefit of such a frame would be for protection, second for added efficiency if the form and position of the propeller "funnels" is wisely designed. 

    Only problem for me is I have not yet had the time to make a CNC bench :)

  • I say the green frame or whatever color, not only would be a cool addition to Arducopter but it would make it safer to handle and fly when there are kids around or large crowds below  ... it would also make it more appealing to regular consumers and attract more people to the industry by design alone,I agree it would create drag but you cant deny it looks cool and ask any apple fan out there (Im not one, Im Android) design counts these days. Its just a matter of finding the right balance between adding cool exterior design without scarifying too much performance.  

  • 'The flying flower'. Personally i think Quad/X8 and Tri/Y6  are still the coolest look with Parrot AR Drone is the handsome guy among the multirotors. But again...function first...look later


  • Hello Gary I agree.


    I thought more about the green top thing and I think it is a good add-on to cell in Christmas season, but in reality it will be dragged away by the winds easily.

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