Copter-GCS with Mission Support and more

3689419020?profile=originalHello all,

Hope no-one object to another update. For those who use this, I've set up a mail list at so that bug notifications and updates can be sent to users.


Now for the updates:

I've finally gotten mission support on Copter-GCS working. Load from the copter, edit, drag the waypoints on the map and add new ones by touching the map for a second.


3689419040?profile=originalEditing the waypoints is also fully supported. More specific menus is pushed back to a later version. You can reorder the waypoints by dragging them around in the list. I'm hoping to improve this for a future version though.


I've fixed a few potential use error with the transmitter calibration, and added mode switch setup:

3689418648?profile=originalThe current mode is shown in yellow, and selecting any drop-down menu shows the various options. As soon as you select it, the mode is stored.


3689418942?profile=originalHardware setup is now also available. Once done, just hit save, and you should be good to go.


Finally, the PID view is now auto-generated based on the MAVLink parameters. This means that APM users will be able to have better use of the system now.


Check out for more details/images.

As usual, comments/bug reports/feature requests are more than welcome.



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  • I've finally received a parcel with Bluetooth module. Now assebling it and write back about the results soon.

  • @ Diego - I have a design for an XTend to Bluetooth similar, but the requirements are VERY different to get the most out of the XTend module.  For the 1W transmit option it requires 5V rather than 3.3V and pulls as much as 730mA current, whereas an XBee can be maxed out with a 3.3V 500mA current.  That 5V requirement means no 3.7V LiPo battery internal, no internal charger, etc. etc.  If you would like, I can share my plans with you, just drop me a line here with your email address.

  • @hikkakaru nope, no real reason, I saw the amarino project used it successfully, so I went with it. All copter-gcs needs is _some_ way to get serial data on the quad to bluetooth. Mounting a bluetooth module on the quad is certainly workable, as long as you're ok with the range.

  • @Bart, is there any reason you use a BlueSMIRF Gold, rather than a silver? Since the range is made up with the XBee conversion, why use the longer range, more expensive bluetooth antenna? Is there more to the Gold than range?


    Also, will the dongle that I posted earlier that is designed to work with the MultiWiiCopter work? It seems to me it has the same functionality, sans XBee. That'd be perfect for those of us who just want the conveinence of our tablet for PID tuning to replace the laptop, and not full blown telemetry, and if the range was needed it seems that could be combined with the XBee at any point, as all it does is pipe serial data.

  • Well soon enough if a lot of us will use it development might be good. I hope you get your adapter soon. Just to tease you more :)



  • So much free space on the tablet's display, definetely should be different versions for tablets and phones in the future.

    Downloaded GCS on my phone, looks pretty cool! I'm looking forward to get bluetooth module I have ordered :)

  • @Kirill, my phone is a second hand htc hd2, changed the Digitizer and the screen (is wat broken) and it all worked like a charm untill a week ago when the keyboard stopped working, (i think is the flex that connects the keyboard to the main board)

    By far is the best phone i have tested, just downloaded last version of MIUI and was waiting for a bluetooth interface to arrive in order to connect with my arduinos via bluetooth, by the way, i was having a ball controlling my lego mindstorms with my phone!!!!!!

    I downloaded copter-gcs a month ago (aprox). i looked nice, but now i am getting desperate!!!!!!!! jejejejeje................


    see ya....


  • Hi there.


    I've read that Android doesn't support serial over host-usb. What about using a bluetooth-serial adapter like the folks doing the android/multi-wii work at RC Groups are using? ( , slow website so be patient )


    That way, the serial side of things is circumvented

    BlueSkyRC -- Now Closed
  • And as you can see, the app is still optimised for phone screens. Nice to see mission planning on a tablet though.

    With some time, we'll get the tablet version better layouts :) Ahhh, so much space...

  • Got the locked orientation work after talking to bart here are some more screenshot...Diego this is close to how it would look like in your future Samsung Galaxy :D


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