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  • LOL, yeah.  Apparently there was a specific law or regulation which disallowed this activity at the Concordia.

    It appears governments around the world throw up the "safety" or "national security" flag to prevent people from taking pictures of embarrassing things.

  • An arrest for such an act sounds more like political overreach than any valid enforcement action.  Of course, you can see the thousands of people who were spared potential injury by such an action, can't you...?

    Oh, it was just the state flexing it's muscles then.  That's OK.

  • Huh... this is kinda neat but... turns out they were actually arrested shortly after this was filmed.  I guess they were let go afterwards.

  • So awesome.........

  • Awesome work!  love the Heli-Pad landing :)

  • Wow TBS did an amazing job here and the intro paragraph about the reasoning was well done. Can't believe some of the close flying these guys pull off, I would never have been ballsy enough to fly through that crane with the cabling.

  • I like this video very much!

    Congratulations team blacksheep!

    Ps: any info on the drones?

  • Admin

    Hi All,

    Please be sure to pause the video in the beginning and read the intro to understand their motives for the filming.



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