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Could this be a good UAV platform?

Over at RCG, Gary, who makes these sweet birds in his workshop in Toronto, asks if if there would be interest in selling them for UAV use:

"The only electronics onboard are 3 gyros + 2 mixers. The first video is with one 4S 3000 battery, the second is with two. Payload capacity above and beyond the batteries is 2 lb. There's more info, including the 5-lb-payload eVader 750, at


I think the main features of these aircraft are that they are quite robust, have lots of payload room between the props, and handle winds well.

As stated I currently make just the platforms, and have had some interest from APers. What I'd like to do is determine if they might be viable as UAVs and, if so, develop them for this segment. Specifically, I would need:
your feedback
--to determine if there is interest in the platform by itself for DIY UAVs
--info on a good autopilot for integrating in-house
--info on 3rd parties that could integrate and package
--good exposure for the end-product"
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  • Chris, I'd be interested in your experience with the Gress Aero platform. Any progress? I just got an nVader. Haven't done much with it yet, but hope to implement an IMU based attitude stabilization for it.
  • Ah, backlash. Good point. I can see that zero backlash would be important for closed loop stability.
  • I tried it. Quad is much robust and simpler. Mechanics of a tilt rotor system should be near perfect.. This means you have to remove the deadzone (space between) links as much as possible.
  • I like it. For a VTOL airframe, it seems like a simpler solution than either a conventional helicopter or the quad. And the control issue makes for an interesting problem.

    If you don't care about VTOL, then yes, you should definitely use wings.
  • I think it would be better with wings. It could fly over long distances, and save batteries.
  • all an airframeneeds to have to be a good uav is

    1) can it fly?

    2) does it carry the weight of the auto pilot and any other pay load you wish to add to it and still fly?

    if both answers are yes then it doesn't matter how many motors it has or what it looks like anything can be a good UAV. everthing else comes down to personal tastes and mission specs, you wouldn''t be using this for long duration flights but it would make a good maneuverable short range eye in the sky.
  • see picture on the left :))
  • I'll have one soon. I ordered it several months ago and am waiting on it to ship. Gary told me it should ship this week or next. I'm interested in using an APM with the setup. If there are any APM experts in the Bay Area interested in trying this out as an airframe, get in touch and we can fly.
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    Yeah i think is cool especially since its fairly unique and sweet looking, but was wondering why it would be any better than a quad, other than maybe the cost, since a quad is much more simple and easier to build as-well as having more lifting capacity due to 4 motors?
  • Its missing the wings! Cool project. Looking forward to seeing the AP for it!
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