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  • Lets remember who invented cricket, the dinosaur. Why else would they be extint.

  • Ahah! I missed that. Normally because I'm asleep by the end of the first over.

  • Did anyone else notice that cricket involves throwing solid balls at a man from only a few metres away, as hard as possible for a long as possible whilst giving him only a thin wooden plank with which to defend himself...while the umpire standing behind him has nothing at all. And we're worried about a slow-moving foamie?


    Having said that...this story does have a "Won't someone think of the children!" ring about it. Serious or not, these are stories we can do without.

  • I guess it must me a relief for English cricketers to be only threatened by Bixlers instead of 154km/hr Mitchell Johnson bouncers :-)

  • Developer

    I think the person operating the plane had probably selected a wide open space near by. See for the location of the grounds.

    They almost certainly just got into some trouble and the plane drifted towards cricket ground. They would benefit from some training in how to fly. But really this is a non story. A foam plane is really not that dangerous, bounce, or no bounce on landing.

    "“He feigned a bit of injury at first but then assured everyone he was fine." - Any other response would just not be cricket!

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  • @richard have you seen that
    That should be definitely regulated by the FAA because it flies it carries a camera and it is invading our privacy.
    How long until some woman gets "harassed" by one of these frisbee cams on the beach or how long until someone gets hit by one and get severe injuries ...
  • @Martin... I literally laughed out loud and spit my drink.  Then spit more when I saw the moose.

  • Careful what you say out loud- the FAA might decide to license boomerangs.

  • Boomerangs should only be used in a designated boomerang only zone away from people ...
  • He could have just as easily been hit by a boomerang


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