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  • Anything can hurt you when there is an accident. It would be wrong in my opinion to blame larger size model helicopters. Years ago I was a passenger in a car ridding in the back seat. A woman who was doing her makeup lost control of a cotton ball that blew out the front window & right into my eye behind her. My eye was irritated for the remainder of the day. The point is anything can hurt you under odd circumstance.
  • Wow! That thing is more like a miniaturized version of a real helicopter than an RC model.

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    In case  some one is wondering what killed the poor guy from chiba ,Japan    Yamaha R-MAXhistory1.jpg?1306998679

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    It may not make the english news sources but a japanese guy in Chiba (near tokyo) was killed today while operating one of those Yamaha crop spraying UAVs.  japanese link here, translated (badly) here.

    Basically it was under manual control and the 3m blade hit his head killing him.  Police think it was pilot error.

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    "A couple pound object falling from 200ft is going to hurt if it hits you."

    You should see what 100gm Bolt/Nut would do to man's head if dropped with enough kinetic energy.  A worker in my last work place working under high voltage tower got hit by bolt( actually a Nut) dropped from 150' tower top where his co worker was fixing something  high above. A sub-standard safety helmet did not save the poor worker.  Postmortem report showed that  the Nut was found in his intestine area later!

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    They came from Aerodyne (scale stuff) the ones I have came on a ready built heli that I bought but this is the place they came from.

  • Forget the blades, as per the comment above, worry about the momentum. A couple pound object falling from 200ft is going to hurt if it hits you.

  • Actually the "wire" that you find in most big blades is in there for balance, and not all use wire, some use a moulded section of glass or carbon. I have used big glass blades, big carbon blades and also aluminium ones. ( Much bigger than 700 size...) out of all of them I would prefer not to be hit, However if I were to be hit I would go for the Ali ones. 

    I have someone fly into me with a blade 400. wooden blades, fortunately I saw it coming and was able to get my face out of the way. It hit my right arm and across my back. He actually thought it was funny at the time, next morning when he saw my arm swollen up like a football and the welts on my back it was not so funny. I was certainly not impressed! I have flown big helis autonomously for several years for work, and believe me when it goes pear shaped you don't want to be close. Having siad that the ONLY time I have seen blades travel more than 60 feet was when a blade retaining bolt sheared through excessive load and abuse (30size petrol heli racing) and that blade went a LOONG way, then through a fence then buried itself into a big tree stump. I doubt if it would have slowed down any if it went through a body....Respect and care is required but often sadly lacking! My respect and wishes to the poor gentlemans family and hope that his team mates learn from the lesson he suffered...It is another reason I don't fly alone with something that can harm me!


  • Most multicopter blade's are one piece, where heli are two, and brakes closer to the motor.

  • Ok, so what are these 600 plastic blades?

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